Sony Xperia Z press image leaks

It looks like the New Year had brought a new image of the Sony Xperia Z, which for those who have moved on from and forgotten the codename, was the device previously known as the Sony Yuga. We still have yet to learn when exactly Sony plans to officially announce this device. That being said, we wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing a few more leaks in the the days before CES.

Sony Yuga expected to come available as the Xperia Z

It looks like the Sony Yuga has gotten a name. According to the latest details, the Sony Yuga will be launching as the Sony Xperia Z. And in addition to the Xperia Z name, this latest round of leaks also includes some details about the specs and the handset in general. Of course, like any leak, we caution that things may change before an official announcement.

Sony Xperia Yuga image leak shows off the 5-inch display

Another day and another Sony Yuga related leak has surfaced. This latest has arrived in the form of two images. And on top of the images, there is also word that we may be seeing a bit more in-depth coverage of the handset later this afternoon. Keep in mind though, even the promised in-depth coverage is not yet coming from Sony.

Sony Yuga smartphone rumors suggest a handset with 128GB of storage

It looks like some additional details have come available regarding one of Sony's 2013 Xperia flagship handsets. Keeping in mind though, these details have yet to be confirmed by Sony and the handset is still going by nothing more than the codename. That warning out of the way, the handset is the Sony Yuga and based on the details we have been seeing -- this looks like it may be an interesting device.

Sony announces Xperia Lounge entertainment app for Android

Sony has announced a new smartphone application coming to Android devices called Xperia Lounge. Sony describes the app as a new entertainment application with exclusive content and competitions. These span film, music, gaming, and sports. The app is not available to only Xperia devices, so anyone with an Android device can download it and check it out.