Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson Sends Invite to Barcelona Event, Touts Xperia Releases

The friendly folks at Sony Ericsson have just sent out invites to publishers, inviting them to join them for an event of some magnitude in Barcelona on the 13th of February. Who would travel such a distance?! We would, we'll be there for Mobile World Congress, covering this and many more events LIVE for you here on Android Community. Join us as Sony lets loose "the new members of the Xperia family" - we're expecting the likes of something along the lines of a phone called Hallon and another called phone called Xperia Play, aka the PlayStation phone.

PlayStation Phone XPERIA Play Due at MWC, PSP 2 on January 27

Heck, they're both basically the same thing, right? Nah. It'd be interesting to compare the two directly though, especially since we basically now KNOW that both the Sony machine and the Android-based XPERIA Play are going to be released within weeks of eachother. Bloomberg reports with sources confirming the release schedule, and Bloomberg is usually right. Furthermore, both devices will be working on a more networked media and entertainment sort of system that's yet to be revealed by Sony.

Playstation Phone Xperia Play to be Carried by Orange UK?

So it appears that some "industry sources" have spoken with Mobile Magazine and have told them that Everything Everywhere will be singing with Sony Ericsson to range the brand new PlayStation Phone (aka Xperia Play.) The device will more than likely be placed on EE's "Premium" brand in the UK: Orange. The device is also thought to be launching next month at Mobile World Congress.
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