Xperia Play

Xperia PLAY Bursts Forth [Full Official Specs]

Today is the day Sony Ericsson revels the Xperia PLAY, aka the PlayStation phone. This phone has been leaked more times than an ol' squeaky row oarboat. With final push into the pool. Xperia PLAY is off and running. Combining PlayStation playability together with the latest in Android tech, Xperia PLAY is making a definite shot for the slam dunk. Inside this device you'll find not ultra-fast graphics and completely dedicated game controls, a functionality you'll find nowhere else, but a set of exclusive downloads available via the Android Marketplace to your Xperia Play today!

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Hands-On [VIDEO]

If there were ever a device more leaked than this particular doozy, I'd like to see it. We've had shots from here to Timbuktu from every single angle of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, aka the PlayStation phone, but it's never quite the same until you've actually got one in your very own hands. Take a peek at the video we've got, taken with our very own hands today in Barcelona - it's hot!

Sony XPERIA Play Extended “Thumbs” Ad Spot [video]

If you'll recall a few days ago we showed you a severely disturbing ad spot from Sony Ericsson depicting a man running through some dark streets, past dingy workers in a rush to deliver something or other to what turns out to be a man performing surgery. The surgeon is hard at work doing no less than grafting human thumbs onto a 3 foot tall Google Android. This commercial was leaked in a terrible quality video, then replayed during the Superbowl, and is now here for you in full quality, in a totally extended video that'll creep you out just as hard as it did in the short mix.

New Xperia Neo images leak

New images have leaked for Sony Ericsson's XPeria Neo and it looks to be a pretty nice Android headset. As highlighted in a recent Neo Hands on that popped up a few days ago, the Neo comes stacked with a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor, 4 inch LED backlit touchscreen, 512 MB RAM and the same Adreno 205 GPU as the Xperia Play.  Additionally, the Neo will use a large 8 MP camera with LED flash and will also record HD video in 720p, as well a a front facing 2 MP camera for video chat.

Sony Ericsson confirms XPERIA Play debut on February 13 2011

"Android is ready to play" reckons Sony Ericsson, and the company has finally admitted what we've known for a couple of months now, and officially unveiled the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play. The PlayStation phone was outed in a Superbowl advert over the weekend, and according to Sony Ericsson's Facebook page will be officially launched just before MWC 2011 on Sunday, February 13 at 13:00 EST. That's when we'll have full details - including pricing and release dates - but we've already had confirmed that Vodafone UK intends to offer the handset. Android Community will be at MWC 2011 this year to bring back all the important Android news, so expect plenty of coverage on the XPERIA Play. [via SlashGear]

XPERIA Play Displays Giant Adjustable Boxes for Testing

An anonymous tipster presenting an image to Dutch site All About Phones has revealed some of the display techniques that will more than likely be used to show off the XPERIA Play once its in stores such as Best Buy and T-Mobile. These chest-height boxes will hold anywhere from 1 to 3 devices in either portrait or landscape mode, held down tight or with a security cord so that consumers might test the PlayStation phone out in the comfort of their own special square.

Xperia Neo Hands on with Gareth Beavis

Someone has their hands on a brand new Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo and their name is Gareth Beavis of Tech Radar. This is one of several XPERIA phones coming out in the near future from Sony Ericsson, two more being the XPERIA Arc and XPERIA Play (aka PlayStation phone.) Is a lineup of some giant magnitude like the team they've got coming out soon enough to keep Sony Ericsson in the green with Android fans?

Xperia Play Commercial Leaked by Norwegian Android Site – TERRIFYING

Behold one extremely weird commercial for the upcoming "Playstation Phone" aka Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play. There've been several sightings of this device, and indeed even a couple of hands-on experiences out there, but this appears to be the first real live official ad spot. This commercial features a man running through some back alleys on a mission to deliver a scissors to an underground surgeon who then uses the scissors to cut some wrappings off of an ewok-sized Android.


Before we even begin, I've got to mention, since this sort of thing is contested quite often, that when we say "Which is Better?" we of course mean "Which is Better for You?" Below we've listed the specs on both the XPERIA Play (aka the PlayStation phone) and the Sony NGP (revealed today to essentially be the second generation PlayStation Portable.) What you'll find is two surprisingly different experiences, one device able to bring you the superior gaming experience, the other offering you the additional pluses of the Android Marketplace, a smaller footprint, and more. Choose your destiny!
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