Xperia Play

FIFA 12 coming to Xperia Play exclusively for limited time

If you have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphone and you are a big fan of the FIFA franchise for EA sports you will love this news. If you are a FIFA fan that uses a different Android smartphone this will not be good news for you. Sony Ericsson has landed a limited time exclusive for the game allowing it to only be offered on the Xperia Play during the holiday season.

PS1 emulator on Xperia Play reverse engineered

If you are an owner of the Sony Xperia Play smartphones with the PlayStation emulator onboard you will like this. A geek over on XDA has reverse engineered the PS1 game emulator on the smartphone to play custom game ISOs. The developer behind the hack for the phone is user yifanlu. The person managed to get Crash Bandicoot 3 up and running on the Xperia Play as you can see in the video below.

Sony Ericsson Announces Qriocity Video Service for Xperia Devices

Today the good folks at Sony Ericsson have let the world know that a brand new video service for Xperia phones will be launching starting on August 1st, 2011. This service will allow users to either buy or rent movies and television shows, this service complimenting the mobile brand's recently announced cloud based digital music service "Music Unlimited." The video service Qriocity will initially be pushed to Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro in nine markets with localization of content and movies - that means if you're in Germany, you probably won't get the movie Purple Rain. Or maybe you love Prince over there too, I don't know.

Minecraft Creators Interviewed by Sony Ericsson, Beginnings Revealed

SO you're the type of person that likes to break down elements into other elements and build gigantic structures out of blocks for the fun of it, playing for hours on end in an environment that you create, yes? Perhaps you're a lover of Minecraft, a game that's massively popular as of late online and heaving with news as of late because its developers have announced their intent to bring the game fully to Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY? Perhaps then you'd also like to take a look at an interview with a couple of those developers, Notch and Carl from Mojang, as they interview with Sony Ericsson back a few days ago at E3 in a video just released!

Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY One Buck at Wirefly

Remember back earlier today when a bit of the ol' sale was going on (and may very well still be going on now?) That was the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY for $0.01 at Amazon what we've got here now is another sale for 89 cents more, that being the Xperia PLAY again at Wirefly for a grand total of $0.99, that being also attached to a 2-year contract, but this time with Wirefly Mobile Backup Service Free for Life, plus a $25 Android Market card for games and apps. In this case you're also looking at around $60 a month with Verizon.

Desert Winds Game Coming to the Xperia Play

Desert Winds is coming to the Xperia Play soon and we have been told it is one of the most visually stunning games to come to mobile. It is based around the beautiful princess Amira that must fight for her peoples survival and freedom. This game has been developed closely with Qualcomm to deliver the best possible experience on their Snapdragon CPU and Adreno graphics and they promise a pretty stellar game. Don't worry we will be reviewing it soon.

Xperia Play with HDMI out spotted in the Wild

When the Xperia Play launched one of the features everyone wished they had was HDMI out. To be able to enjoy those amazing games over HDMI would really make the Play a true gaming phone. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play did not ship with HDMI out, although devices like the Arc did so there must have been a reason behind this. You can see our very own unboxing and hands-on, HDMI out is missing sadly.

Raving Babies for Xperia PLAY Review

Oh my goodness what kind of a weird game is this? It's called Raving Babies, a game out exclusively on Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY being released on Verizon Wireless. The gameplay is simple enough - walk sideways and shoot your gun, defeating the enemies. Just like Ninja Turtles, Simpsons, NARC, and every other game from the 1990s. The difference here is that you've got it on your little screen and you're playing it with an Xperia PlayStation controller. Also the objective is to placate a bunch of hostile babies with your pacifier gun so that you can scoop them up and let them know how bad they've been with a time out!

Xperia PLAY Comes with Screen Skin Protector Attached

So you're sitting there taking a look at your brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY from Verizon and you notice something strange. Something feels a little - off. You think, what could it be? Could this device be broken somehow, am I just losing my mind? No, wait, what's that, is there an extra layer over the screen here that I forgot to take off? No way, man, can't be. But sure as heck it is, a protective plastic sheet attached to the screen, not the same as the rest of the standard packaging safeguards, but one that's meant to stay on for life.
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