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Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Confirmed as July Release

A flurry of official Twitter account updates has apparently confirmed the delay of and subsequent release date (approximate release date, I should say) of the upcoming Xperia release known as the Neo. This Sony Ericsson device was originally supposed to come out the same time as the Xperia arc and Xperia Play around the globe back in March, but it appears that it was indeed the Japanese natural disaster line of events that pushed this device back to right around now. That is, for the rest of the world - this device has been released in Hong Kong for the entire suggested period.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo delays confirmed

Sony Ericsson's interesting Xperia Neo Android smartphone has been expected to land this month. We reported a few days ago that the launch date had been fingered as April 19. Apparently, that will not happen after all and the device won’t land until July according to reports.

Sony Xperia Neo comes out of the shadows on April 19th

With all the buzz going to it's more "playful" brother, the Xperia Neo has kinda gotten lost in the shadows. But now it seems it's bursting back out in it's own light come April 19th. That's the day that Sony Ericcson will launch the Neo in Europe with a price of £299 + VAT.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo returns to the FCC

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo has made a repeat appearance to the FCC in order to test WCDMA bands 2 and 5. These bands are covered by AT&Ts 3G service and could mean that AT&T is looking to bring the Neo to Sony fans in the US soon. The only real difference between the WCDMA version of the Neo and the GSM version is just the bands it broadcasts to. But since that difference is enough to warrant an FCC ID designation, both are listed as FCC ID PY7A3880101 and FCC ID PY7A3880100 respectively.

Sony-Ericsson’s Xperia Arc and Neo seen in action

Here's a video of the Sony Xperia Arc and Xperia Neo being taken through their thumb paces at a Press Conference in Copenhagen. Looking at the video, it's pretty clear just how snappy the interface is in both handsets. The phones are comfortable to hold thanks to their curved in design and the menus flip by at lightning pace. The video also shows a size comparison of both cameras along side the LG Optimus X2.

Vodafone Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo hands-on

Freshly announced at MWC 2011 earlier this week, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo promises to be the mid-range Android smartphone with some serious imaging punch. We grabbed some hands on time today with the exclusive red variant headed to Vodafone - as well as the regular blue model - and it's a slick, if a little plastic, handset. The XPERIA Neo firmware wasn't final, so we'll hold off from making any judgement calls on how the smartphone performs (or, indeed, how the camera holds up), but from what we've seen it's shaping up nicely. Sony Ericsson has made the sensible decision to separate out its Mediascape and Timescape apps from the core OS, which means that - in theory, at least - Android software updates should come through in a more timely manner than for previous XPERIAs from the company. Of the three colors - white, blue and red - we have to say we prefer the red; in the plastic it's rich, slightly metallic, and looks a lot more interesting than the somewhat mundane blue version. The silver edge pieces are discrete, and the Neo fits nicely into the hand. We'll have to wait for review units to drop before we know whether the phone shapes up as a whole, however. [gallery]

Xperia neo Revealed, Correct Case Revealed as Well

SO there were a couple of "reveals" this morning in the Xperia pro and the Xperia PLAY, but did you know there was a third device in this suite? Probably! But did you know the correct way to write the name? No way! The correct way to spell the third of the Sony Ericsson reveals this morning (or yesterday, however you look at it,) is "Xperia neo." This is both the correct spelling and the correct capitalization, take note. Also take double note of "Xperia pro" and "Xperia PLAY" - both are official capitalizations straight from the top. This Xperia neo is a phone which Sony Ericsson has concentrated on form factor for the most it seems, with an ergonomic shape made for the human hand.

Xperia PLAY Bursts Forth [Full Official Specs]

Today is the day Sony Ericsson revels the Xperia PLAY, aka the PlayStation phone. This phone has been leaked more times than an ol' squeaky row oarboat. With final push into the pool. Xperia PLAY is off and running. Combining PlayStation playability together with the latest in Android tech, Xperia PLAY is making a definite shot for the slam dunk. Inside this device you'll find not ultra-fast graphics and completely dedicated game controls, a functionality you'll find nowhere else, but a set of exclusive downloads available via the Android Marketplace to your Xperia Play today!