Xperia E

Sony Xperia E FCC filing discovered

Sony originally announced the Xperia E smartphone back in December. At the time Sony was touting this handset as being affordable, however they were not quite as forthcoming in terms of a price or a release date. Anyway, while we have yet to learn of a release date, the handset has recently been granted approval from the FCC.

Sony Xperia E tipped for a February 2013 release in the UK

Sony announced the Xperia E a bit earlier in the month and while they were pretty forthcoming in terms of specs, they left off some of the key details -- the pricing and the release date. Since then we saw a bit of pricing for the Xperia E in Germany, however the release date has remained a mystery. But on that note, it looks like the Carphone Warehouse has narrowed down the release timeframe to one month.