Motorola Xoom Root the Easy way with 1-Click-Root and overclock [Guide]

The Motorola Xoom, I love it. I seriously have not powered on my Google CR-48 Netbook since I got my Xoom. It's just that fun. What better way to get more from your Android device then rooting it. Once you root the possibilities open up for much more things, and uses. Today I will be posting a guide for easy root. Yes this is 1-Click-Root for the Motorola Xoom. Now some might say this takes more than 1 click, and it does, but this sure beats having to very carefully and slowly enter multiple adb commands into your computer and hope you don't mess up.

Cornerstone Turns Gingerbread Tablets to Multitasking Gold

There's a group called Onskreen promoting their Android tablet profile Cornerstone today, this system, which appears to be a homescreen replacement app, set to offer what they're calling real multitasking to the masses before Honeycomb tries for the same crown en masse. Apparently they're aiming for the manufacturer market of those not wanting to wait for Honeycomb to become available to them, instead offering this system on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Little do they know, Gingerbread might be just as hard for these companies to get as Honeycomb currently is - super lockdown!

Android 3.0 Honeycomb gets a Screenshot App

For those that use these kind of apps or have been around lately to notice that we didn't have one. The Motorola Xoom and any Android 3.0 Honeycomb device in general could not take screenshots with an app. There is drocap2, ShootMe and many other screen capture apps for our Android phones and apparently none of them worked on Android 3.0 but now a developer from the XDA forums named ftgg99 has fixed this issue for us. He has developed an app called Screenshot ER.

Opera Mobile & Mini Browsers get updated for Android, Reviewed on Xoom

The makers of the popular Opera browser have been busy making their browser quick, stable, and silky smooth. Lately they have included some huge changes that are sure to make things interesting in the Android browser wars. Today Opera has updated both versions and are available in the Android Market. Huge improvements such as hardware acceleration make Opera Mobile extremely smooth. We have some hands-on with the Motorola Xoom below.

Motorola reducing Xoom orders and supply already? Moto says No

Earlier this week there was a few reports that the Motorola Xoom was doing ok with sales, but that Motorola was already starting to cut orders, and lower supply. There was also talk that they might be terminating production as soon as July 2011. This all stems from a story by Digitimes that ran yesterday. For more information on the original story we covered it at SlashGear.

ViewSonic G-Tablet Dual Core Android Tab is $279 at woot.com today only

Look what I just found, how exciting. This is the Vewisonic G-Tablet. it is an Android 2.2 tablet with a 10.1" LCD Display, front facing camera, and the highly popular Dual Core Tegra 2 Processor inside. It is extremely fast and runs very well. It has some custom user interface over android that is pretty crappy, but over at XDA there is tons and tons of development for this. It was the first Tegra 2 tablet released. This is a screaming deal for someone in need of a cheap tablet that isn't a china knockoff. For sale now at woot.com

Guerilla Bob [Review] [Motorola XOOM + Android Handsets]

Lets begin by saying that Guerilla Bob works on lots of different Android devices. It looks fabulous on the XOOM tablet we've got sitting here, it looks lovely on the HTC ThunderBolt, and rolls out hard on the ATRIX 4G. The images and video you see below are on the Motorola XOOM tablet of course, as this is the big screen all games like this aught to be tested on, but let me assure you, it works just as well (and in some cases better) on the comparatively small screen. It's a powerhouse of a fun and simple shooter at just three bucks - skip the review, it rocks like a stick of dynamite attached to an arrow sticking to a bad guy!

Flash Player 10.2 Up Now for Android, Incorrectly Listed as 10.1

As you might have guessed, today is indeed the day that Adobe releases their new version of Flash Player, that being Flash Player 10.2, to the world. However, there is a bit of a complication in the title, as in some places it's listed as Flash Player 10.1, and in others it's listed as 10.2. The correct link for the update is below, but before you go there, make sure your firmware is updated to the point it's supposed to be at, especially if you're using the Motorola XOOM.

Motorola XOOM Wifi-Only on Pre-Order at Staples NOW

While this isn't the cheapest place we've seen the tablet on pre-order or for sale yet, the wifi version of the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet is now showing up at Staples. It is there that you can pre-order the tablet for a price starting at $599.98. You are allowed to reserve yours right up through March 23rd, 2011, and your shipment of the tablet (and whatever else you order with it) will be shipping on March 25th, with the latest orders arriving on the 28th, guaranteed.

Pulse News Reader Updated for XOOM, Android 3.0.1 Honeycomb

Behold version 1.9.5, an update that's just this week come through for Pulse, one of if not THE preeminent news feed reader on Android (and iOS, for those keeping track of that.) This update is marked 1.9.5 and says that it's an update specifically for Android 3.0.1 Honeycomb. We're rolling out with it on the Motorola XOOM and so far… it looks exactly the same. But that's no bad thing, all updates behind the scenes - that means they were doing it right the first time!
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