FriendCaster Tab Facebook App for Honeycomb Review

Welcome to FriendCaster Tab, the very first Facebook client specifically optimized for Android 3.0/3.1 Honeycomb. This application is a super simple one, so the following has a look at both this new version and the "Pro" version which was made with smaller handsets in mind. Which one should you choose? Probably both - you'll see what I mean when I move through the two in the video below. Does it make sense to simplify an app when you've got more space? We shall see.

Android Community’s Gigantic XOOM Tablet Giveaway is Over! Thank You everyone!

Oh my goodness we are finished. Before anything else is said, let me thank NVIDIA, providers of the tablets for this contest for both AC and SG. Then - we've finally found five non-robot of-age human citizens of the USA to give five XOOM tablets to. You would not believe how hard it was to fill those requirements. Hopefully some international contests in the future, but for now, USA! We've got all five winners chosen, contacted, connected, and their XOOM units are sent. Two were given at our sister site SlashGear, three were given here at Android Community, all were given to folks who we hope will take the kind time to be kind and review their units once they're settled with them. This is only the beginning of the beginning!

Motorola Xoom 3.1 update hitting 3G and Wifi models both already

So you have all been following along with Google I/O right? If not check out all things I/O here. There were so many announcements about Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android 3.1 Honeycomb updates and more. For those that might have missed it Android 3.0 Honeycomb is being officially upgraded to 3.1 and the roll-out started OTA yesterday. From the Google event word was spread that it was for 3G only, and Wifi Xooms would have to wait a few weeks.

Motorola XOOM Android 3.1 update this week; WiFi XOOM “within the next several weeks”

Motorola has confirmed a timescale for the XOOM Android 3.1 upgrade, announced earlier this week at Google IO. As expected, the Verizon version of the XOOM will get the update first, with the new software rolling out this week. As for those with WiFi-only XOOM tablets, or those with the 3G version but on carriers other than Verizon Wireless, they'll be getting Android 3.1 "within the next several weeks." That staggered release schedule is likely to come as something of a disappointment. The OS will be pushed out in phases, so don't be surprised if you don't get it at the same time as all your XOOM-owning friends. Among the changes will be support for Android Market movie rentals, Flash Player 10.2 support, resizable widgets, USB peripheral support and boosted Bluetooth support. More details in the video below: [vms 3575f29eab4bac787b91] Update: Interestingly, despite Motorola's warnings that WiFi XOOM owners will have to wait, there are reports from owners on XDA-developers that in fact the Android 3.1 update is rolling out now. [Thanks Ben!] Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in our Unboxing War giveaway! Press Release:
Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) Software Update, Coming First to Motorola XOOM™, Delivers Support for Android Market Movie Rentals and Numerous Other Enhancements Over-the-air software update rolling out this week to Motorola XOOM tablets on Verizon Wireless Motorola XOOM users on the Verizon Wireless network will soon be able to rent movies, use a Bluetooth® headset during video chats, resize their widgets and more with an over-the-air software update for Android™ 3.1 (Honeycomb) that makes the Motorola XOOM experience even more powerful than before. The software update, coming first to Motorola XOOM and rolling out this week, delivers a wide range of new features and expanded functionality, including: Support for the new Android Market movie rentals service with thousands of titles available for immediate viewing on the Motorola XOOM’s high-resolution display or on a larger screen via HDMI Full support for the final release of Adobe® Flash® Player 10.2, delivering significant performance enhancements when viewing rich Flash content on the web Resizable widgets to enable further customization of home screens Support for USB-connected peripherals and accessories, such as keyboards, mice, game controllers and digital cameras Expanded Bluetooth features to support Bluetooth headsets in Google Talk™ video chats and Bluetooth mouse support in addition to additional shortcut keys with the Bluetooth keyboard Picture Transfer Protocol Feature support to enable easier transfer of photo files to your PC without the need for drivers Motorola XOOM with Wi-Fi tablets and other variants of Motorola XOOM will receive the update within the next several weeks. If users have questions or need support, they can visit www.motorola.com/myxoom or www.motorola.com/support, or get help from other owners on our online community at https://supportforums.motorola.com. Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas; additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Specific functionality and features with each software version of Android may vary. Contact your service provider for details.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Motorola XOOM vs LG G-Slate

Which one of these things is not like the other - which one of them does not belong? Any lay-person looking at the three tablets in this odd stack up might say the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on account of its white color and custom-etched backing, but look at that little weirdo. The LG G-Slate is one of the latest dual-core tablets to be released in the USA and it's ever-so-slightly smaller than the other two here in this stack-up. It's also got a 3D camera. That's pretty weird. And what about that Motorola XOOM? It's what, several months old. Shouldn't it be extinct by now? Hardly. Behold this week's ultimate battle to the death, Google I/O 2011 style.

Android 3.1 Honeycomb demoed on Motorola XOOM [Feature Video Included]

Google I/O continued this morning in the official keynote with technology that included face and head detection, mouth, eye, eye detection, all of these on Android 3.1 Honeycomb, an update that would be coming out on Verizon first and exclusively. Whether or not this update would soon be coming out on other carriers or not would be spoken about soonish - we hope. All of this was being demoed on a Motorola XOOM tablet.

Bang Bang Racing THD coming to android devices tomorrow

Bang Bang Racing THD is a fantastic looking top view racing game coming to Tegra 2 android devices, after reading more about it and watching the video (below) I must say I am pretty excited to get my hands on it. According to the twitter accounts of both @NvidiaTegra and the developers of the game @BBR_THD it will be released to the Android Market and on TegraZone starting tomorrow, May 6th. I will be getting it as soon as that happens, don't worry.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review in a Nutshell

True to form, our good pal Chris Davies has the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer up and running as fast as a bunny, reviewing the heck out of it for you and me so that we might know if it's really worth the $400 we'll be paying for it! This device also has the code TF101 attached to it for further IDing and is, in short, a 10.1-inch Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet with a rather fashionable keyboard dock attachment that essentially allows you to work with the device as a tablet or a laptop. Will it power past the competition?

Android Community XOOM Giveaway FINAL WINNER

Behold our final winner! His name is Ronald Kreger and he is one lucky dude! According to his entry text, he currently has a Droid X which he judges to have a horrible graphics card, and he wants a better one. Why, it just so happens to be that his randomly chosen winning entry will get him exactly that - and it's a double down! Kreger you've got 24 hours to contact yours truly and turn that Android frown upside down with a wifi-only XOOM - so many possibilities, and now they'll all be yours!

House of the Rising XOOM [Fan-Made Video]

There comes a time in every contest's life where an entry stands out so hard that I've GOT to post it up in the main feed. Here at Android Community we've got a XOOM giveaway going on where you enter by "liking" us on Facebook and posting on the wall. Each entry is considered equal, a random contest with random winners chosen, but this did not stop Android Community fan Jan Jorgensen from writing an epic re-telling of the House of the Rising Sun. Behold a masterpiece of Android fandom!
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