Motorola XOOM Wifi Price Inflation

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to listing a product on the internet is to make sure the numbers are correct. One of the most important place in a listing of a product for the numbers to be correct is in the price of the product. If the price of a product, especially one so well-covered as the XOOM, costs one price one day, then another price the next, people are going to notice. That sort of thing went down today at PC World where yesterday the price of the Motorola XOOM Wifi version cost £449.99 yesterday, and £499.99 today. Not the best thing to be revealed on the day Apple announces their new iPad to be costing the same $499 USD as it did when it didn't have a 2 listed after it.

Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

Welcome to the main event. This is the war everyone's been waiting for, ever since the idea of an Android tablet first came into fruition. Now we've got a Honeycomb optimized tablet, the first of its kind, and the second generation of Apple's main gun, the iPad, the tablet that got this wild ball rolling. Will iPad 2's lower price (still 499) be enough to knock the Tegra 2-toting XOOM out of the park? Or will it be the XOOM's open-source access and heavy-metal attitude that punches the iPad 2's white-or-black front-having face into the dirt? Let's have a lovely look!

Generosity Doth Not Go Unappreciated

You may have noticed that over the past few days, we've been sort of XOOM happy here on Android Community. We've posted everything from a [brand new unboxing and hands-on post] to a [smooth guide] on some of the new amazing games you'll be able to run with your super powerful Tegra 2 processor (inside the tablet, of course.) This is because we've got a Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet sitting here right in front of us. The flood will continue here, but you'll soon be seeing the same thing happening around the web. Why? Because this year's Game Developers Conference has been gifted with not only Nexus S phones, not only Google Chrome OS-powered CR-48 laptops, but brand new XOOM tablets as well!

Galaxy on Fire 2 [Review] [Pre-Release] [NVIDIA Tegra Zone Suite Game]

Welcome to our review of an early version of the game Galaxy on Fire 2, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 optimized game which we're testing out on our Motorola XOOM tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This game is not yet released to the public, slated to be let loose some time during the month of March 2011. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space battle game that takes place in a future not unlike the "used future" of ALIEN or Star Wars. It's in this universe that you, a space pilot with terrible luck, are sucked through a wormhole to the other end of the galaxy - from there you must fight your way back home by earning cash doing odd jobs in mining and the blasting of enemy ships. Han Solo much?

Angry Birds Nearly Ready for Honeycomb on XOOM

Whilst poking around in all the apps we've ever written on our brand new Motorola XOOM tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb, we've discovered a couple of tiny glitches in an otherwise flawless looking Angry Birds suite. As the graphics are vectorized, everything in all of the Angry Birds games scales up perfectly nicely. One of the items that does not currently work in Angry Birds in Honeycomb on the XOOM tablet is the ads - they don't show up. We're not complaining!

NVIDIA Tegra Optimized Mini Game Guide

We've got a good friend in high places (NVIDIA) who's handed us a guide on what makes a game worthy (essentially) of carrying the NVIDIA Tegra seal of approval. Now these games are made by designers and engineers who have extraordinary talent, so NVIDIA certainly doesn't pretend to be the authority on how amazing a game can be, but the crews who work on these games have been glad to work with NIVIDIA to optimize everything from graphics to quick movements in the Tegra environment. Would you like some specific examples of how a few amazing new games work better than they ever have before now that they've got an optimized high-five from NVIDIA?

NVIDIA Tegra Zone [Review] [Game Guide for Super Chip Device Owners]

You'll be freaking out with the power you've got in your hands once you set your eyeballs on the games you'll be able to run with your new Motorola XOOM tablet. The same can be said about what magic will unfold before you once you're rolling with the ATRIX 4G. What's inside these bad mothers, these next-age monsters of energy that's obviously best applied to games? NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile super chips. And what do they power? Completely fabulous in-depth games we never expected to be on telephones. Have a look at our NVIDIA Tegra Optimized Mini Game Guide, then head below to see the app you'll love to peek at in order to access the greatness in your very own little hut of NVIDIA sunshine.

SouthPeak Interactive announces Monster Madness for Android

If you are always on the lookout for cool new games for your Android device a very interesting looking new game is now available, assuming your Android device is up to it. The game is called Monster Madness and is designed for devices that use NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform inside. That means other devices lack the muscle to run the game.

Motorola XOOM Hands-on and Unboxing [ala Android Community]

As you know, we've already got one gigantic guide that covers essentially every little tidbit of information you'll want to know at this moment in Android history on both the Motorola XOOM tablet and Android 3.0 Honeycomb. But NOW what you want to see is this actual tablet coming out of the box with every little tiny detail of the process documented so you know if the box alone will be enough to make you want to buy this device. I'll tell you right now that the box is good, but the real treasure is, believe it or not, the tablet itself. Have an intense look at the XOOM with your pals at Android Community.

Android Gaming: Vendetta Online for Tegra 2

Vendetta Online looks to be an amazing game, Brought to us by Guild Software. Android Gaming is about to get much more exciting over the next few weeks and months. With the onslaught of Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core phones and tablets things are surely to get interesting. Tegra 2 is a very powerful Dual Core 1 Ghz processor as you all know, and it will be one of the main factors in taking Android gaming to the next level and more as we prepare to start the rise to beat iPhone in gaming.
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