Vendetta Online for Android [Motorola XOOM] [REVIEW] [VIDEO]

Behold a game that's been out since 2004. I'm not kidding. Today while I was hanging out in the game, taking my final screenshots, a man told me he'd been playing the game for 6 years. Does that say something to you about the amount of gameplay you can potentially get out of this app? Quite a bit, yes. This is Vendetta Online, a game which has JUST this week come to Android for play on the Motorola XOOM which is of course running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. It's a science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that you'll now be interfacing with via your singular XOOM screen. It's an entire universe - will our XOOM window into it survive with the rest of the ranks?

Motorola XOOM Available Now at Sam’s Club

Sam's Club online now has the Motorola XOOM sitting there looking lovely at $599.74 attached to a 2-year data agreement including 5GB or data at $50 a month with $10 per GB overage fees. This is the 3G version of the tablet (the same one we've got here that'll be able to be upgraded to 4G LTE soon, and it ships free. No sign of the Wifi-only version yet, but heck, you don't want that one anyway, do ya?

HTC ThunderBolt 10/24 Pattern Tipped for Release Date

We've received a tip from a fellow by the name of JR who has apparently recently had a chat with a friend of the family who works at corporate for Verizon. While we're not always jumping at attention for tips from friends of friends, if you know what I mean, this one smells like peanut butter, looks like peanut butter, and you know what? We think it's pretty much obvious that this is peanut butter. But before we get to the actual pattern she (the Verizon rep) gave that leads to the correct date, let's talk about what else she said, the funny stuff.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Secret Bee

We were tapping around our Motorola XOOM a little bit, looking for object to post about, and what should we find? A big fat bee! In a similar manner to easter eggs of the past, this one's found on everyone's favorite screen. Open up your Settings screen, click on Info, and find the Android version 3.0. Click the Android version bar repeatedly. Over and over and over again until whoa! What's that big bee doing there?! He is buzzing.

Motorola XOOM Review [The Big One on Android Community]

Hello and welcome to our official slick and clean review of the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. We're pretty much totally used to titling the tablet right alongside the name of the first operating system to function upon it, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, since Google worked closely with Motorola to make this tablet the optimal environment to show off what their first tablet-centric OS was meant to do. This tablet is also set to be hooked up with Flash player and 4G LTE connectivity via Verizon in the near future, though since this tablet is being released now without either, we must go on to review without! But there's plenty to speak about - a while new piece of hardware and a whole new age in Android, all rolled up into one. Let us discuss our initial judgement for this singular window into sweets.


So you've rooted your Motorola XOOM and you're having an awesome time doing everything you've ever wanted to do on a giant screen. Then it hits you - a post saying that in order to grab yourself a [4G LTE upgrade from Verizon], you're gonna have to return that tablet back to stock. Oh noes! Your life would be ever so much more simple if you just had an easy-to-use file that'd essentially do it with a single click -- oh my goodness, that's what we've got right here.

Motorola XOOM at Costco [Photos] [Price, Contracts] [EXCLUSIVE]

So were were hanging out at Costco today and what do we find? A stack of Motorola XOOM Android tablets sitting around unassumingly -- or at least, their cardboard placeholder counterparts. Did they have prices already? Of course they did! For a brand new Motorola XOOM tablet on a 2-year contract on Verizon in the $50-$80 range per month, you can get the otherwise $789.99 tablet for only $589.99. That's the cheapest.

Motorola Xoom Wifi Only $539 at Sams Club Coming Soon

By now I'm sure you have all read tons and tons about the Xoom by now, and if you haven't you should at least check out our Motorola Xoom Unboxing. I have some great news for you. We have just got word from our friends over at Droid Life about the Wifi-Only Xoom and that it very well may launch at the low low price of $539 at Sam's Club. This would be great news, and just in time with Apple's recent iPad 2 announcement and pricing that I'm sure many of you saw.

Rooting your new Xoom will make it ineligible for 4G upgrade, or will it?

For all you happy new Motorola Xoom owners there seems to be some news floating around about rooting the device that may have you putting on the brakes. It seems that over in the Motorola forums a few members have asked a few questions regarding root, software changes, and how this may affect the 4G upgrade. An official employee at Motorola has answered it sort of, but I'll explain that below

Motorola XOOM to Lauch with Flash in Early April [EURO]

So you fancy yourself one of those silver-backed Motorola XOOM tablets from Europe, do you? Perhaps you've been antsy to see what the release date on the UK version was, yes? Perhaps you'd like a bunch of information about the Motorola XOOM over on your side of the pond all in one handy-dandy place? Perhaps somewhere like a single blog post? We've got one of those right here!
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