Xiaomi Mi3 sales hit 150,000 in latest 10 minute flash sale

Xiaomi has been pushing devices in flash sales lately. Details of these sales have been popping up from time to time and it looks like word of another has arrived. This latest had Xiaomi selling 150,000 of the Mi3 smartphone in just under 10 minutes time. While those numbers are comparable to what we have seen from other sales, there was an interesting twist this time around.

Xiaomi runs through 110,000 MI3 smartphones in “Singles Day” flash sale

Xiaomi has been doing some flash-sales recently. These sales have the company making a limited number of devices available for sale at a specified time and keeping them up until sold out. Back in October we saw Xiaomi sell through 100,000 units of the MI3 smartphone in about 90 seconds. This most recent flash sale didn't have the handset selling out that quickly, but another 110,000 went in minutes.

Xiaomi Millet smartwatch rumors emerge

These rumors may be a bit soon to attribute to Hugo Barra, however it is looking like Xiaomi may have a smartwatch in the works. The watch is reportedly coming from Millet and while this could have easily been looked at as future offering for the Chinese market, there has been word from Barra dealing with a international strategy for the upcoming year.

Hugo Barra talks Xiaomi, calls it a “dream job”

Hugo Barra surprised many when he announced that he was leaving Google. Barra confirmed the details on his Google+ page by saying he was leaving Google to start a "new career chapter." That chapter turned out to be Xiaomi and Barra had said he would be joining the team in China to "expand their incredible product portfolio and business globally."
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