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Motorola ATRIX and DROID Bionic fastboot files now available

Just yesterday, we saw fastboot files for the Motorola DROID RAZR leak into existence over on XDA Developers and DROIDRZR.com. Now, two other Motorola devices have been graced with another generous leak of fastboot files - the ATRIX, and DROID Bionic. As a recap, I'll note that fastboot files can be used to let a user flash stock recovery images to their device, thus helping them recover from a 'soft brick'.

DROID RAZR can now be restored to stock via fastboot

It's always nice to know that once you "brick" your device, there is a way to bring it back to life through fastboot. Just yesterday, leaked fastboot files for the Motorola DROID RAZR surfaced over at XDA Developers and DroidRZR.com. Both sources claim that they have successfully flashed the files to their devices, so don't feel like you have to be the guinea pig!

Android Revolution HD ROM 2.2.1 on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Though still a work in progress, mike1986 has brought Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM/LTE) owners his popular Android Revolution HD ROM. I myself have been running this 2.1.1 build without any problems so far. Actually, it is a great improvement over the stock ROM; battery life has improved, and screen transition effects are performed much smoother. The phone is initially very fast, but after installation I've only seen an improvement - no hiccups.

A handy list of active Ice Cream Sandwich ports

While you're reading this, hundreds of people are hard at work on getting Ice Cream Sandwich onto current Android hardware, long before manufacturers and carriers will be sending out official updates. We've covered some of the earliest and most interesting ICS projects on this very site, but there's just too many to cover every single one. Luckily, we don't have to: a friendly member of the XDA-Developers forum has put together a list of all the active Ice Cream Sandwich ports on the prolific modder site.

Ice Cream Sandwich tweak: disable the home screen search bar

The new launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely one of its finer UI points, but at least one feature has minimalism fans seeing red. The Google Search bar gets its own reserved spot at the top of the launcher, now that physical buttons are optional and the Search button isn't included by default. This is the sort of stuff that the XDA-Developers boys live and breathe, so naturally they found a way to get rid of it for a clean and more customizable home screen.

ClockworkMod “somewhat” working on the Nook Tablet

It seems that ClockworkMod may have been successfully ported to the recently released Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet. If this new tablet is just as hackable as its former NOOK Color, then we could very well see Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on it in due time. What the development community is more interested now is just seeing some custom ROMs as soon as possible.

Carrier IQ backs off, apologizes to Android security whistleblower

That was fast. Just one day after threatening an XDA-Developers member with legal action over exposing embarrassing privacy violations in their network management software, Carrier IQ has retracted its demands and issued a public apology. The retraction came after the EFF came to TrevE's legal aid and blogs and news sites around the Internet slammed the company's actions. Recognizing a public relations nightmare when they saw one, the company said it was "deeply sorry for any concern or trouble that our letter may have caused Mr. Eckhart." The press release went on to say that Carrier IQ's software doesn't record keystrokes, location or usage information, in direct opposition to TrevE's findings.
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