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Swype Sends Distribution Rules to XDA

Ruh roh! Are everyone one of the XDA Developers going to be arrested? No way man. The administrators sent a request to the developers of Swype asking them to grab an official statement for their stance on what constitues legal distribution of Swype and what didn't. What do they end up saying? Mostly no, don't do that, don't ever do that, you jerk dudes. On the other hand they do mention something along the lines of "we also feel that the enthusiast community is valuable to the long-term success of our business." That sounds promising. Is it?

Stop DavinciDevelopers! [APP THIEF!]

If you'll remember a few days ago we had (and still have, of course,) a big fat post by the name of "Total Jerk Developer Steals Beta Game He Was Supposed to be Testing, Publishes to Android Market." Kind of a mouthful, yes? Well it turns out that the guy guilty of such a crime has a mouth full of more than just one stolen game - he's got a whole batch. This guy (or guys, or gals, whatever it might be) goes by the name DavinciDevelopers and is stealing APKs for apps left and right, files that are supposed to be testers for developers, publishing them to the Android Marketplace as his own. This is terrible in more ways than one, and we've got to stop him.

Total Jerk Developer Steals Beta Game He Was Supposed to be Testing, Publishes to Android Market

This is why we can't have nice things. Cripes. A couple days ago, a fellow by the name of cyberniko (this is his name on XDA forums) intended on sending his game out to a small group of developers who where then supposed to take a look at it on their Android devices, let him know how it worked, give him feedback, etc. That happened all fine for the most part, except for one gigantic terrible jerk move on the part of another XDA forum member. This terrible jerk downloaded the unsigned APK of the game, signed it himself, and submitted it to the Android Market just as if it were his very own game. Evil.

Zombies, NOOO!!!

Behold, an Android game of zombies. This is an app very VERY similar to the game we showed you a few days ago by the name of PacMap (a game of PacMan.) This one, like PacMap, is a location-based game that sees where you are on a map (in map view, or satellite view, etc) and shows you where all the zombies are. Depending on the difficulty of the game you choose, you could be outrunning a single zombie moving at 2MPH, or a whole hoard moving at 8MPH! You'll have your face in your phone, tearing up the streets with your feet as you outrun the living dead in virtual reality. Terror!

Droid Streamer Beta Streams Shows Movies to Android Device with Ease

Behold! A sweet little app that plays all your favorite movies and shows (just so long as you like South Park and Avatar) - it's in progress! Normally we wouldn't post an app that's still in Beta, but this one, although the interface isn't pretty, looks rather promising. This app plays movies and TV shows basically INSTANTLY and is produced by a team including KarlssoN1337 from XDA forums.

[How To] McGyver Your Android’s Battery

Before we begin, remember that the first person to do this was a fellow by the name of Sorensiim, aka the McGyver of Android, so don't be surprised if you can't do it on the first try or you end up making your device explode into a ball of fire all over your face. WATCH OUT because not only is this a hardware hack, it's dealing with live wires which can give you a bit of a zap. Now that we've got that out of the way, lets talk about what Sorensiim did. It began when he was installing a System Recovery app - he clicked the recovery boot button and found that once booting, he got a message that said "Battery low - cannot program." This is what he did.

Tired of Read Only? MAGLRD for HD2 Lets you Boot Directly to Android!

Holy crap! A team of Android and WP7 developers and coders by the name of DFT has found a way to allow you to boot directly to Android, straight from NAND memory! What does this mean? It means that the entire OS is now writeable or otherwise easily modifiable. When you're messing with ROMs, you're in Read-Only, requiring that you flash to modify. When your OS is on NAND, you can modify entirely without a recovery flash. What MAGLDR is is a bootloader for HD2 that lets you boot directly from NAND - the ROM available for you to test out now!

CyanogenMod 7 on the Horizon, Nexus S Alpha Version Already Out!

Those super cool developers of CyanogenMod are whipping up a new version as we speak, XDA letting us know that there's an unofficial alpha version available for Nexus S now. Christmas day there was a tweet from the folks at Cyanogen that said they'd not released an official version of 7 because they'd not fixed the camcorder yet. Later that day, a fix did indeed occur. XDA Developers forum member Koush released an alpha version with the fix, the real deal undoubtedly now heading up quick.

Nexus S Optimized Kernel Voodoo

Behold! Craziness with your Nexus S, all after you put your root down and get to business. Voodoo business. What XDA forum member supercurio says is that this is the first kernel to implement Ext4 mount options optimization as well as the first Optimized kernel for Nexus S ever. What this particular project does is to bring your Nexus S back to the pre-compiled kernel shipped on your device (or close to it.) And what's that do? Makes it "very snappy."

Grab a Lagfix for your Galaxy S Device WITHOUT Voodoo

So you've got a Galaxy S device and you want it improved. You'd like it not only to work better, but faster. Have you taken a bite of Voodoo? Once you do, you'll find that there's a Lagfix that'll replace your cruddy RFS filesystem with the Linux-standard Ext4 filesystem. What's that do? It restores your I/O performance and overall user experience to the speeds and quality it aught to be! Now, with the help of XDA member supercurio, you can have these Ext4 speed improvements with a totally safe mount option on /data! Hooray forever!
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