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Grab a Lagfix for your Galaxy S Device WITHOUT Voodoo

So you've got a Galaxy S device and you want it improved. You'd like it not only to work better, but faster. Have you taken a bite of Voodoo? Once you do, you'll find that there's a Lagfix that'll replace your cruddy RFS filesystem with the Linux-standard Ext4 filesystem. What's that do? It restores your I/O performance and overall user experience to the speeds and quality it aught to be! Now, with the help of XDA member supercurio, you can have these Ext4 speed improvements with a totally safe mount option on /data! Hooray forever!

Android 2.2.1 XXJPU ROM for Galaxy S Leaked [One Fabulous Froyo Build]

Said to be super fast, lag free, and marked Android 2.2.1 i9000XXJPU, this could very well be the Froyo build you've always wanted for your Galaxy S. This build fixes many issues complained about in Froyo for Galaxy S, punching lag right in the face as well as a list of other items. Delivered by none other than the friendly folks over at XDA Developers Forum.

AntiSpamSMS App to Block All Non-Whitelisted Contacts

If you're the sort of person who gets and sends texts all day long, and you've gotten into some bad circles that've led to you getting bashed over the head with spam texts when you know good and well you never signed up for that junk, you might very well be in luck. XDA Forum member airplanez has whipped up an app by the name of AntiSpamSMS which you can pick up for free in the Android Marketplace today, donating a dollar to him via purchasing the app if you find it useful (no difference from the free version, just a nice gesture.) Take a peek!

Gingerbread ROM Near Completion for DROID Incredible

You've got you a DROID Incredible and you're just itching to see what Android 2.3 Gingerbread can do for you, yes? Well guess who's hard at work on a ROM for that? XDA Developers. They've already got a list of devices for whom ROMs for other devices such as HTC HD2, Droid Eris, Hero, Desire, Wildfire, and the EVO 4G, and soon enough DROID Incredible is bound to be up for completion.

Motorola Defy Rooted

Oh you love that lovely dunkable Motorola Defy, don't you? You'd never do anything to harm it, even if you could! You'd never - what's that? You want to root it so you can go wild with it? Well then! Let's get to work! User pedrodh of XDA Developer Forums has just the trick for you, in just seven easy steps! Or if you're one of the lucky ones for whom disturkis4u's simple one-step program works, by all means, do that one!

Toshiba TG01 May Now Run Android

According to XDA Developers Forum member Markinus, he's got a test build working for the Toshiba TG01 allowing a run of Android/Linux. He's been working on this for some time and continues to work on it and asks for feedback so as to improve the system as much as possible. Currently one of the bigger issues is calibrating the values which lead to accurate touchscreen tapping. You can access the first test build now and get to tappin and callin up your ol' pal Vader!

T-Mobile G2 Overclocked to 1.9Ghz

So you want a fast phone, yes? You've got a fancy fabulous G2 in your hands and you want to see how far it can truly clock, perhaps? I think ye do, of COURSE ye do. You like to live on the wild side, and you want to see your phone clock in at 1.9Ghz and attain the lovely 2700+ mark in Quadrant. XDA forum member Flippy125 did it, and now so can you! But don't, of course, because more than likely most people trying it will fry their phone into oblivion. But if you don't think you're going to be one of those people, do read on!

Angry Birds Update Gets Mod to Optimize Gameplay and Hide Ads

Hooray! All of you playing Angry Birds on your Android Device more than likely know about the update that came earlier this month giving you 45 extra levels and a big fat extra bird to work with. If you do, you know that this addition not only ads more advertisements to your game (in a really inappropriate place in the top right corner,) but the app is, for many players, choppier and more lagged than the pre-update version. Yuck! But you need your birds, you can't live without your birds, and you need to smash you some pigs! So what did XDA forum member theimpaler747 do? He made a mod!

Samsung Galaxy Tab Looks (and now works) Like Giant Cellphone

Hooray! The dream is coming true. One day we'll all have to only buy one device that works forever for free. Sounds good? XDA Developers seem to think so. This bit of a hack only works on the T-Mobile version, and you've got to do some bigtime surgery and enable some wireless settings manually. Then you've got to hold this gigantic piece of tab up to your head and make silly looking telephone calls.

Permanent Root for G2

Hooray for XDA! XDA Developers forum member unforgiven512 has just posted a comprehensive list guide on how you, too, can permanently root your T-Mobile G2. It's scary, it's hairy, and it can permanently brick your phone FOREVER, but the riches are also at your fingertips. This guide is based on the work of forum member scotty2, and takes you through the process of rooting your G2 step by careful step.
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