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Samsung Galaxy Tab Looks (and now works) Like Giant Cellphone

Hooray! The dream is coming true. One day we'll all have to only buy one device that works forever for free. Sounds good? XDA Developers seem to think so. This bit of a hack only works on the T-Mobile version, and you've got to do some bigtime surgery and enable some wireless settings manually. Then you've got to hold this gigantic piece of tab up to your head and make silly looking telephone calls.

Permanent Root for G2

Hooray for XDA! XDA Developers forum member unforgiven512 has just posted a comprehensive list guide on how you, too, can permanently root your T-Mobile G2. It's scary, it's hairy, and it can permanently brick your phone FOREVER, but the riches are also at your fingertips. This guide is based on the work of forum member scotty2, and takes you through the process of rooting your G2 step by careful step.

Slick UI Homescreen-Replacement Interface for Android Devices (CONCEPT)

Gorgeous! Look at the loveliness that's been brewing in the creation boxes of the conceptual workers working on "Slick UI"! This Slick UI is similar to other apps such as LauncherPro or ADW in that it's a homescreen-replacement launcher made to pretty-up and function-up the homescreen of your Android-based device. It aims to make your whole experience more "silky smooth, functional and highly customizable."

XDANROID Multi-Device Port of Androind for WM (Project Update)

The folks over at XDA Developers are hard at work bringing you XDANROID, a multi-device port dedicated to getting Android running on your favorite HTC devices, and they've got an update for ye. This update shows work done on issues with layout, functionality, the light sensor that brings you the automatic brightness adjustment, and more. Take a peek at the whole change log to see if your favorite grievance has been addressed.

Motorola Droid 2 for Verizon Now Rooted

That didn't take long at all. Though, it's not surprising, considering the hard work and dedication showcased every day by the Android developer community. And considering the Droid 2 is so similar to the Droid X, many were probably just counting down the days before they could get their brand new Droid device rooted. The wait is over, folks.

HTC Magic Gets a Little Taste of Froyo [Video]

So, officially, the Dream and Magic (or G1 and myTouch, if you're local) aren't getting Android 2.2. But, thanks to the fact that there's a huge group out there that focus on creating all the goodness for HTC devices, official doesn't mean anything. As you can see here in this video, an HTC Magic does indeed have Froyo on it, and there's some things working. Though, there's a lot more that's not working (but everything can be fixed in time, right?).

Leaked 2.1 Update For The Hero

A member of the xda-developers forum called yrreP claims to have received an email at work that outlines the schedule of the Android 2.1 update to the HTC Hero/T-Mobile G2. Most readers of this article seem to believe that it is true.
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