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Galaxy Tab Locked Bootloader Unlocked with Patch Hack

Go go XDA powers, activate! If you'll take a trip down memory lane, or if you just happen to have a Samsung Galaxy Tab of your own and love to hack and play with your devices, you'll know that it would be a great mission for a developer to break the protected bootloaders in the Galaxy Tab's stock ROMs. Well lucky you, and lucky us, a fellow by the name of Chainfire has done just that, releasing today a patch that'll make sure you never get locked out of flashing your tablet again.

Samsung Says They’re NOT Charging Carriers for Froyo Android Update

If you'll take a look back at this post: Galaxy S No-Froyo Explained by Samsung Update Fees? you'll know what the heck is going on here. In reply to that post, a post in which an unnamed fellow posting anonymously in hopes of not being identified let loose a torrent of possible facts about Samsung, including the idea that they're charging carriers for pushing Android updates, Samsung says no way!

Meizu M9 (iPhone Clone) ROM ported to HTC EVO 4G

It's come to my attention that quite a few people didn't quite know what the Meizu M9 was, first of all, so lemme quick explain it. It's a Chinese phone that's basically a clone of the iPhone, but made with an Android OS. Simple, right? Here's where it gets weird. Now that clone has been re-cloned (at least its insides) into a ROM and has been ported to the HTC EVO 4G. Why would someone do that? Because they COULD do that, that's why.

NOOKcolor Overclocked to 950Mhz STABLE, 1Ghz CHOKIN

Behold the awesome saga of NOOKcolor. When I first set eyes on the ol' NC first, (see those posts here,) I thought she was an OK reader, but she had a lot of potential that was going to waste. Sure enough not 2 days after I sent the NC back through the mail (I was only borrowing it, after all,) we get news that it's been ROOTED. From there, it was a fantasyland of apps, workarounds, ROMs, everything you could want. Except for one thing. Noone had overclocked it, not even a little bit. Well that's changed, and it's changed today.

Samsung Android Customers Initiate #NeverAgain Twitter Campaign

There is wacky unrest in the streets, Community. The people with their Samsung phones are freaking out, foaming at the mouth, and imagining chewing on the Samsung logo in their minds because they can't think of anything better to do to show their rage! Then they started to get wise, maybe, by first creating a Class Action Lawsuit against Samsung and T-Mobile. Then, a fellow by the name of s15274n over on XDA forums has started up a Twitter campaign where people Tweet their complaints about Samsung, affixing the hashtag #NeverAgain to each to make Samsung understand the people! This is the most important cause of your LIFE, everyone. Rally together and FIGHT the people that are giving you internet and phone service. Do it now!

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against T-Mobile and Samsung Over Lack of Froyo Update to Vibrant

Whoa, escalation much? Take a peek as XDA member MicBeast files a class action lawsuit against both T-Mobile and Samsung over their apparent holding back of updates to telephones (specifically of Android 2.2 Froyo and 4G speeds to the Samsung Vibrant.) He says he's secured a lawyer, filed the lawsuit, and have explained all issues with them (the lawyers) and they agree that he has a very strong case.

Swype Sends Distribution Rules to XDA

Ruh roh! Are everyone one of the XDA Developers going to be arrested? No way man. The administrators sent a request to the developers of Swype asking them to grab an official statement for their stance on what constitues legal distribution of Swype and what didn't. What do they end up saying? Mostly no, don't do that, don't ever do that, you jerk dudes. On the other hand they do mention something along the lines of "we also feel that the enthusiast community is valuable to the long-term success of our business." That sounds promising. Is it?

Stop DavinciDevelopers! [APP THIEF!]

If you'll remember a few days ago we had (and still have, of course,) a big fat post by the name of "Total Jerk Developer Steals Beta Game He Was Supposed to be Testing, Publishes to Android Market." Kind of a mouthful, yes? Well it turns out that the guy guilty of such a crime has a mouth full of more than just one stolen game - he's got a whole batch. This guy (or guys, or gals, whatever it might be) goes by the name DavinciDevelopers and is stealing APKs for apps left and right, files that are supposed to be testers for developers, publishing them to the Android Marketplace as his own. This is terrible in more ways than one, and we've got to stop him.

Total Jerk Developer Steals Beta Game He Was Supposed to be Testing, Publishes to Android Market

This is why we can't have nice things. Cripes. A couple days ago, a fellow by the name of cyberniko (this is his name on XDA forums) intended on sending his game out to a small group of developers who where then supposed to take a look at it on their Android devices, let him know how it worked, give him feedback, etc. That happened all fine for the most part, except for one gigantic terrible jerk move on the part of another XDA forum member. This terrible jerk downloaded the unsigned APK of the game, signed it himself, and submitted it to the Android Market just as if it were his very own game. Evil.

Zombies, NOOO!!!

Behold, an Android game of zombies. This is an app very VERY similar to the game we showed you a few days ago by the name of PacMap (a game of PacMan.) This one, like PacMap, is a location-based game that sees where you are on a map (in map view, or satellite view, etc) and shows you where all the zombies are. Depending on the difficulty of the game you choose, you could be outrunning a single zombie moving at 2MPH, or a whole hoard moving at 8MPH! You'll have your face in your phone, tearing up the streets with your feet as you outrun the living dead in virtual reality. Terror!
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