Wireless Power Consortium improves Qi wireless standard specification

Wireless charging technology may be slowly moving but it's certainly advancing. A number of phones are now wireless charging capable and compatible with either Powermat/PMA or Qi or both. We've seen some developments already but the technology has yet to be a standard feature in mobile devices. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has been working to advance wireless power technology and just recently, the group has announced the new Qi specification.

Wireless charging gets needed clarity as A4WP and PMA sign agreement [UPDATE: WPC comments]

Wireless charging is a feature we’d like to see on more phones, but it’s just not being implemented quickly. Part of that has to do with competing standards, and a fragmented space. today, the A4WP and PMA, tow of the larger wireless churning powers, have announced they’ve signed an agreement to work together. It’s great news, but leaves another out in the cold.