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Zynga’s Zombie Smash now on Android

The extremely successful and popular developers behind some of Android, iOS, and Facebook's most popular games Zynga have just released their latest game for Android. This is called Zombie Smash and they've taken over Android. Check out the video below as it's highly entertaining and then read on past the break for full details on this addicting new game.

Scramble with Friends available now – Forget Words with Friends

The extremely popular game Words with Friends has finally received some competition, even if it's from the same company. Zynga, the company behind Words with Friends, Zynga Poker and more has just released their latest hit and word sensation Scramble with Friends to the Google Play Store here in the US. Get it now and enjoy your new addiction.

Words With Friends update now available — $2.99 makes it ad-free

Yes! Words with Friends can now be enjoyed on Android without those extremely intrusive and irritating ads that popup every single time a user does basically anything in the awesome scrabble game. I can hear just about every member of my family rejoicing right about now with this news. I've been waiting for an ad-free version of WWF for far too long so I'm glad to see this finally available.

Zynga launches free Hanging With Friends Game for Android

Zynga makes some of the best game apps out there and the company has announced a new free offering that you can get on the Android Market right now called Hanging With Friends. The app is a social game twist on the traditional Hangman game that we have all played at one point. The game play has friends taking turns to create and guess words to stump other players.

Official Scrabble App Comes to Android, Gives Words with Friends the Boot

Words with Friends might finally have some real competition for all your word twisting fans around. Words with Friends has had more than its share of issues and bugs and many users have been patiently waiting for something better. EA has just released the official Scrabble for Android. The name has been in the market before but EA owns the rights and now have launched the official Scrabble game.

Words With Friends Back in Android Market for Honeycomb Tablets, Looks Great Too

Early last week Words With Friends out of the blue disappeared from the Market for Honeycomb tablets, but right before that they had pushed an update. Many users myself included could not get the game to work and it would instantly force close after that. Zynga claimed to have no idea why it was no longer in the market, we aren't sure if that is true or not but the game is now back today.

Words With Friends Mysteriously Disappears from Honeycomb Devices

Paper, snow, A GHOST! These are the things you'll be thinking about when you realize that, if you've got the same situation going on as us and our good pal Cameron over at Android Police, your Honeycomb device(s) no longer has Words With Friends installed. Shoot! What happened? Did a phantom come and swipe it up? Nay! It appears instead that Zynga's had some sort of support error happen and, believe it or not, they've got no idea! Normally what we'd do in this sort of situation is call the authorities and inform them that their game is broken directly, but the whole Android world needs to know that they're not going nutso!

Words With Friends v4.0 update coming soon, featuring “way less bugs”

Words With Friends was an extremely popular game on iDevices for a very long time and we were all excited when it finally came to Android. I've played more games of WWF then I would like to admit but I eventually gave up because the game was loaded with bugs, my phone would constantly force close (only during WWF) and it would freeze all the time and even caused a few battery pull moments. Those are never fun.