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Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charger hands-on

This past week we've been enjoying a few more mobile options from the folks at Samsung. We reviewed their new Galaxy S 4 Active, and now we have the wireless charging dock available for some quick hands-on time. Samsung's charging kit you’re seeing here works with the Qi standard, just like many wireless chargers from Nokia, LG, and even the model for the Nexus 4. Samsung delivers a new battery cover to complete the task, so take a peek below.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 wireless charger will run you $90

When Samsung announced their flagship GALAXY S 4 up on stage in New York City they quickly mentioned wireless charging. Many of us have and are enjoying their new smartphone, but until today that Wireless Charging dock and replacement battery covers weren't available. Starting today you can now get wireless, but it'll cost you about $90 bucks.

Monster Watts reveals Samsung Galaxy wireless charging setup

A company by the name of Monster Watts has recently introduced a new wireless charging option for a select few Samsung Galaxy branded handsets. The wireless charger is dubbed the WiQiQi Wireless Charger Kit and it will be compatible with the GALAXY S 4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. The pricing will vary depending on the particular handset, however the real perk here is that you will not need a replacement back cover.

LG hands-on with “world’s smallest wireless charger” and Optimus G Pro case

In addition to the smartphone announcements, LG has also made some smaller announcements. Of which, one is actually being touted as the "world's smallest." This one happens to be the LG WCP-300 Wireless Charger. Another item being shown off is the flip cover case for the Optimus G Pro handset. We recently spent a few minutes checking out each of these while on the show floor here at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung unveiled a new receiving circuit for wireless chargers

We have been hearing bits and pieces that touched on Samsung and wireless charging over the past several weeks. There has been chatter about the Galaxy S IV launching with wireless charging support and we also saw the Qi charging pad in a recent FCC filing. As of today however, we have a bit of detail on a new receiving circuit for wireless chargers. This new circuit has been co-developed by Samsung and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).
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