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Merger of two wireless power standards bodies confirmed, finally underway

Last January, the two industry leaders in wireless charging, the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA), announced that they have signed a deal that will merge the two organizations to create a united front that will push the technology in the mobile market. It's been months since we've heard anything about them, but now it can be told that the deal has been finalized and the merger is finally, truly underway.

Ikea’s wireless charging furniture finally selling in their stores

A month after Ikea finally released more details about their line of wireless charging furniture, it seems like you won't just have to look at pictures anymore. Droid Life reports that the lamps, desks, charging pads, and other accessories can now be found in Ikea stores in the US. This means you can finally update your house (if you've been saving up for this) so you and everyone who lives there don't have to scramble for charging space for your respective devices.

Mercedes, Qualcomm collaborating on wireless charging for cars, devices

Qualcomm has been facing some pretty stiff competition when it comes to the smartphone chipset market, with big brands like Apple and Samsung opting to develop and use their own instead of using Snapdragon. But now they are looking to branch out in a whole new other market, creating a new division called Qualcomm Automotive Solutions which focuses on creating products for "the connected car". A new partnership with Mercedes-Benz looks at wirelessly charging both your devices and your e-car as well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories Avengers rolling out this week

What better way to market your flagship phone than taking advantage of the latest movie 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron'. The Avengers phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 series were shown off last week but the Galaxy Note 4 Avengers cases were even made available earlier and we got excited with the Galaxy S6 Iron Man version. These are official accessories from Samsung marked with Marvel's latest moneymakers: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor. Sorry, I don't see any Hawk Eye or Black Widow but there's a Captain America’s Shield themed wireless charger.

Avengers-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories now available

As the Avengers: Age of Ultron continue to break box-office records, fans will continue to look for movie tie-in merchandise. Last week we got Avengers-themed cases for the Galaxy Note 4, and of course you would expect nothing less for their new flagship, the Galaxy S6. Samsung has now announced that yes, the new smartphones are getting their own Marvel character cases, with a surprise accessory thrown into the mix.

Ikea releases wireless charging furniture and accessories

Last month we told you about a wireless charging furniture line that Ikea was going to introduce to the market. They have now officially announced what kind of products will be available this spring, and it's even better than what we expected (well, if you're a fan of wireless charging, convenience, and nice looking furniture in your house). Even if you don't buy new furniture, they're also offering charging pads and other accessories that you can DIY and add to your existing stuff at home.

Duracell shows off Giant Wireless Charging Ring

Wireless charging is still a young technology but this one has a lot of potential to be successful and in demand. There are only a few manufacturers using this tech but it can soon be a standard because of the ease and convenience it offers. IKEA and Starbucks have already joined the bandwagon by offering a new furniture line with wireless charging and bringing Powermat charging in Starbucks in San Francisco. That wireless and cable-free life you've been dreaming of can become a reality someday.

Ikea announces new furniture line with wireless charging

With the multiple number of gadgets that we normally have, getting a place to charge these devices can sometimes be a challenge, even when we're in our own homes. That is why wireless charging will surely become the next big thing in technology, if we want our devices to "survive". World-famous furniture retailer IKEA has announced they are launching a new line of products that will not just bear their iconic look, but will also have wireless charging capabilities.

McDonald’s in the UK to add 600 Qi wireless chargers to locations

McDonald's visitors in the UK will soon be able to wirelessly charge their smartphones while they hork down a large fry and Big Mac with the restaurants adding 600 Qi chargers to locations around the country. The announcement of the roll out of the wireless chargers came from Aircharge as part of an expanded partnership.
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