Windows Phone 7

HTC Desire HD Heading to Saudi Arabia

It looks as if the HTC Desire HD will soon be hitting the Saudi Arabian market. HTC announced their plans at a press conference in Jeddah on December 19th with stating that they are excited to bring the nation's second Android-equipped device to market.

HTC talks iPad, WinPo 7 and will continue to focus on Android

There are a bunch of competitors to Android on the market today, but few are having the sales success of Android devices. The wild success of Android has many phone makers like HTC that generally focus on multiple smartphone OS' sticking closely to Android. HTC VP Jack Tong talked a bit about HTC and what the future will hold for smartphones and tablets for the company.

Android Outselling Windows Phone 7 handsets 15 to 1

Microsoft is keeping quiet about sales figures of Windows Phone 7 devices, so we have to look to retailers for some actual numbers. UK retailer MobilesPlease has released data that shows early WP7 phone sales were "unusually disappointing," going on to state that only 3-percent of the company's sales were from Microsoft's new mobile OS.

iPhone 4 vs. G2 vs. Windows Phone 7: Grill Test!

The smartphone battle continues. As you know there has been a lot of argument lately about which smartphone is the best? With the recent make over of the windows phone operating system, everyone is wondering whether or not it competes with the iPhone, while the increasingly popular Android operating system is looking to take over the mobile phone industry.

Dell CEO praises Windows Phone 7 development ease over Android

Dell CEO Michael Dell has apparently claimed that his company's engineers are finding it easier to develop Windows Phone 7 smartphones than they are handsets using Android.  Speaking at an event in Hong Kong, Dell dropped the developer tidbit in among news that the company plans to push out a number of new tablets in 2011. It's unclear how that tallies with previous word from the company that a 7-inch Android tablet was coming in just a few weeks time, a timescale that would make the device imminent. [via Engadget]

Android the Up-coming Enterprise

Android-based handsets and tablets are here to stay. With Verizon's large-scale launch of its data-oriented high-speed LTE 4G network, in 38 mobile markets across the U.S, it's easy to see why Android is trying to take the wireless world by storm. Android OS and the handsets it runs on make it more appealing to both consumers and to enterprise managers. On the enterprise front, Verizon's Motorola Droid Pro is among the first Android devices to offer Cisco IPsec VPN connectivity.

Android Chief weighs in on Windows Phone 7

Andy Rubin, the chief of Android, sat down with PC Mag today for a Q&A session. Among topics of discussion, Androids rivals were mentioned. Mostly focused on Windows Phone 7, where he goes on to state that “the world doesn’t need another platform.”
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