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Android on HD2 hack one step closer [Video]

Progress on getting Android installed on the HTC HD2 continues apace, with the latest milestone being a booting build of Linux and the ability to load a video from the command line.  The project - being managed over at xda-developers - can't currently get the GUI to load, but the booting kernel does pave the way for a full install of Google's open-source platform. Even without specific drivers running, the hardware and the Linux kernel are capable of churning through 720p HD video playback as you can see in the footage below.  There's still plenty of work left to do - not least come up with drivers for sound, graphics, Bluetooth, GPS, phone and more - but the promised land of dual-booting between Windows Mobile and Android does look to be a little further within reach. [youtube nYxv2lwSVW0] [via WMPowerUser]

Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone making sweet music together – video

This may be one of the coolest inventions I’ve ever seen. A coder by the name of Steffest has managed to get these three OS’s to work together on a music app. The guitar looks cool also, it consists of a few of these phones strapped to it somehow and the music is made by pressing the various touch screens on the guitar.

Beta Test The Skyfire Browser Now

The browser options for Android just are growing all the time. If you don’t like the stock browser or just want a change of pace, hit the market and replace the browser (unlike other unnamed OSX’s). Now you can beta test the upcoming Skyfire browser. The XDA has gotten a hold of this app and has shared it with the rest of us.

Skyfire coming to Android

Skyfire is perhaps the best browser available for Windows Mobile devices. It’s my default browser on the HD2. This browser is fast, stable and has Flash support. Soon we will be able to enjoy this awesome browser on our Android handsets.

Popular iPhone RPG Zenonia Comes to Android

Gamevil has announced Zenonia for the Android platform. Since its release for the iPhone, it has been one of the most popular games in the AppStore. This game is also available on Windows Mobile and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

LogMeIn Remote Access App for Android Coming Soon?

There is a new version of the LogMeIn Remote Access Application being developed for Android. This app will allow your Android-based device to control your work or home PC from almost anywhere in the world. You will also have the ability manipulate any program that is on your desktop or laptop right from your Android device.

Android Update on the Touch Pro2 (Video)

The XDAndroid project, for Windows Mobile devices with (W)VGA displays, has progressed to a fully usable port of Android to a Touch Pro 2. Past ports haven't been as successful as this one, there were too many bugs and the build was not user friendly. That's now a thing of the past and maybe now all WinMo phones with a WVGA display will be able to load Android and use it like it was the native OS on the device.

Android 2.1 arrives on HTC Kaiser, Vogue, Niki & Polaris

Hacking Android to run on Windows Mobile devices isn't new, but if you've got an HTC Kaiser (aka AT&T's tilt), a Vogue, Niki or Polaris lying in a drawer somewhere then how does Android 2.1 sound?  Over at XDA-developers arch-modder Sim4996 has been working on getting the Google OS running on the ageing WinMo devices, and with just a few remaining issues it's all working well. Bluetooth is proving unstable, and the camera doesn't currently work, but otherwise Android 2.1 plays nicely; WiFi, GPS, standby and - most importantly - the phone all work.  Of course, it also erases Windows Mobile in the process, so don't attempt the install if you were hoping to flip between the open-source OS and Microsoft's. [via Hack a Day]

HTC Dragon, A6388 & other Android phones tipped in Dopod roadmap

A leaked Dopod roadmap has filled in some launch details for the HTC Dragon, as well as spilled the beans on a number of other smartphones headed to the Chinese market this year.  The Dragon - a 3.6-inch WVGA HSDPA Android phone - is expected to arrive there in Q2 2010, and be shortly followed by the A6388, a cheaper 3.4-inch HVGA Android device. There's also news of a 4.3-inch WVGA device, the Huashan, which seemingly started life as an Android smartphone but which is apparently being changed to Windows Mobile.  That will drop mid-way through Q3 2010, and be followed in Q4 2010 by the 2.8-inch QVGA Songshan - and Android phone with a keyboard - and the Tianshan, a 3.2-inch QVGA Android phone shortly after.
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