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Twin-touchscreen Mintpass tablet will dualboot Android and Win 7 in 2011

Korean firm Mintpass is planning a dual-touchscreen tablet for release in the first half of 2011, which would dual-boot between Android and Windows 7. The tablet, so far unnamed, will use a homegrown touchscreen technology that Mintpass is calling "Space Touch", and allow for book-orientation and notebook-orientation use (with one of the screens displaying a virtual keyboard). So far there's no word on what version of Android the Mintpass tablet might use, what processor(s) it will adopt, or any of the other specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile Specs Page Outlines Different, Windows 7 Tablet

Mistakes happen. And, usually when a company is dealing with multiple versions of something, they tend to happen more often. For example, if a company happens to have two different tablets shipping in the near future, it's possible that someone typing up the specifications for one of them might, say, make a few mistakes, and put the wrong specifications down. It looks like someone at T-Mobile has made a mistake, because the Samsung Galaxy Tab's specifications page certainly outlines a tablet, but it's not the Galaxy Tab.

Acer promise Android/Windows 7 for all new dual-core netbooks

Acer apparently intends to make all of its upcoming dual-core netbooks run two OSes: Windows 7 and Android.  According to DigiTimes, Acer confirmed their intention at a recent netbook press conference. The company has released two dual-booting netbooks in previous months, first the Aspire One D250 and then the Aspire One D260.  Both prioritized Windows 7 for general use, but also included Android for faster access to the internet, multimedia and messaging.
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