HTC EVO Shift 4G Prematurely Listed at Walmart

Walmart has just prematurely listed the HTC EVO Shift 4G on their site before its unveiling at CES 2011 this week. The highly publicized device will be available on Sprint and will be ready to utilize their "ultra-fast" 4G network.

Sprint 4G Now Available in San Francisco and Surround Areas

Sprint is quickly expanding its 4G WiMax network in preparations for the 4G war of 2011. After introducing the network in 70 cities, it is now coming to the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Silicon Valley areas. Sprint has also uploaded a video that explains what their 4G network will offer and what to expect in terms of speed: [youtube]GAWFpZo0KgI[/youtube] [Via Sprint]

HTC Knight (aka EVO Shift 4G) pictured in accessory update

The HTC Knight - aka the HTC EVO Shift 4G or the HTC Speedy - has shown up online, courtesy of a batch of accessories for the smartphone. HTCPedia got a bountiful crop of shots in, showing the 3.7-inch WiMAX smartphone complete with HTC Sense. On the back there's a camera of unknown resolution, paired with a single LED flash. The handset is tipped to arrive on January 6 2011.

HTC EVO 4G for Sprint with Android 2.2 Now Rooted

That didn't take long at all. Not that it should have, considering the amount of work being put into rooting all the Android devices out there. Well, maybe not all of them -- just the good ones, right? In any event, it's just become known that the EVO, manufactured by HTC and Sprint's first 4G device, has just been rooted. And that means that the official Android 2.2 build for the handset has been cracked, and super user permission is now permitted.

Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint User Manual Available for Viewing

Pretty standard fare here. With the launch of the second 4G-enabled device, Samsung's Galaxy S variant called Epic, getting ready launch in just a few days now, it's no surprise that the user manual has managed to show up online. And sure enough, if you're into reading brand-spanking-new (as of August 17th, technically) digital PDF files for a phone you don't quite have yet, here's your chance.

Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint Reviewed by SlashGear

It's only been a few days since we heard official word from Sprint and Samsung when customers would be able to get their hands on the newest 4G capable device coming to market. You should have already got your reserve down, or even your pre-order, with a release date of August 31st set in stone for Sprint. And considering that's right around the corner, we figured you'd want a review of the device, so you could decide whether or not to pick it up come the end of the month.
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