Wikipedia app on Android the newest Material Design recipient

Searching for any type of information on the internet, whether it's from Yahoo, Bing, or Google - almost always provides you a link to Wikipedia. Although Wikipeda is not considered a credible website to use as a research source, the site does provide large amounts of information that can be seen as pretty much accurate and spot on with background and history on the searched topic. This week the Wikipedia app on Android received more than a beautiful facelift, and it’s looking good.

Wikipedia for Android updated, relevant images made more prominent

The official Wikipedia app for Android was released on the Google Play Store more than three years ago and it has since received several updates. Another Beta version was released last June but this week, the Mobile Apps Team of Wikipedia is happy to bring a whole new mobile experience for the Wikipedia app for Android. The version on Google Play was developed ahead of iOS so Android users have an advantage to enjoy the new Wikipedia.

Attopedia is an encyclopedia for your Android Wear

Smartwatches are very useful for telling time, checking the weather, letting you know of your notifications, researching about history, etc. Wait, what? How can you possibly research about something on a watch? Well if you have a Samsung Live Gear or an LG G3 running on the Android Wear platform, then all you need is an app called Attopedia.

Wikipedia Beta steps up its game on mobile

A lot of people use Wikipedia in web browsers, even on mobile, but it's a good bet that only a few of those are aware that Wikipedia has an official Android app. That could soon be changing however, with a new Wikipedia Beta that could very well make the app the first stop of those seeking treasure from the community-made online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia aims to deliver articles via text message soon

Some interesting news and reports have surfaced this week regarding the hugely popular Wikipedia megasite. With all the information you'd ever need in over 25 million articles the company is looking for ways to deliver their content to more people. Mainly users in developing markets that might not have high-speed internet, WiFi, and 4G LTE to quickly access the content. Their plan is to deliver it through text messages later this year.

Official Wikipedia app now in Android Market

Just two days ago, Wikipedia released their official application to the Android Market. It had been available for some time in Apple's App Store - and will be much welcomed to us Android users. With so many other non-official Wikipedia applications, it doesn't even show up on the first page, so you'll have to scroll down a bit to find it.