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Scratch Wireless WiFi-first wireless service opens

Scratch Wireless first arrived several months earlier when they announced plans to fight the other, "too expensive" cellular service options. They are an MVNO style carrier and will be going on the premise of using WiFi first. Well, while the service first launched as an invite-only offering, they have since shifted and are now open for any and all that wish to check it out.

Can Android compete with the iPod Touch, and does it need to?

Earlier this week we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, an Android device with the iPod Touch squarely in its crosshairs. It's not the first, either: Samsung, Archos and innumerable smaller companies have released phone-sized Android devices designed primarily for media and app consumption, just like the Apple device. So far, they've failed to make a dent in the low-cost, high-function section of the market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab WIFI only finally for sale starting April 10th

What do we have here, it looks as if Samsung has finally decided to sell the Wifi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Yea that 7" slate that was released a long time ago that we never got a wifi version of, yup that is the one. A little late IMO, but better than never I guess. Samsung has just officially announced it will be up for sale starting April 10th (in 4 days) at multiple outlets and online sites.

Motorola Xoom Wifi Only $539 at Sams Club Coming Soon

By now I'm sure you have all read tons and tons about the Xoom by now, and if you haven't you should at least check out our Motorola Xoom Unboxing. I have some great news for you. We have just got word from our friends over at Droid Life about the Wifi-Only Xoom and that it very well may launch at the low low price of $539 at Sam's Club. This would be great news, and just in time with Apple's recent iPad 2 announcement and pricing that I'm sure many of you saw.

WiFi Only Galaxy Tab on Hold says BestBuy

Waiting seems to be a commonplace when talking about the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab. We heard that it was supposed to be launched alongside the 3G version, but plans have dwindled and we have been left in the dark about the status of the device. Best Buy seems to be going back on their recommendation of it in their November mobile buyers guide and are now issuing a correction in stores stating that we will not be seeing the device here soon. Jeff Jarvis snapped a shot of the delay notice, which you can read below. Now we didn't think we would see the device in November. Samsung has commented on delays for the device but other than that, details have been scarce. However, we can only assume they're pretty eager to get it to the public as quickly as possible, hopefully before the holidays. [Via AndroidCentral]

WiFi Only Galaxy Tab Delayed until after the holidays

We first heard about the WiFi only Galaxy Tab a few months back. Being the perfect option for many who do not want to be tied to a carrier and are willing to pay a higher price, it made many people excited. However, since then, things have changed a bit. It looks as if the rumors were true, the Galaxy Tab WiFi only will be delayed past this years holiday season.