WiFi Hotspot

ZTE, AT&T partner to release Mobley vehicle WiFi hotspot

Thanks to mobile carriers for bringing WiFi and expanding 4G/LTE network coverage in most locations in the US but for those who are always on the road, literally spending a lot of time inside vehicles, here's ZTE Mobley. It's the first ever plug-in vehicle WiFi hotspot from AT&T that allows a maximum of five mobile devices to connect for Internet access.

Smart Garbage Bins to be turned into WiFi Hotspots in NYC

Who would have though that you can turn something smelly into something beneficial? That is what the people in the city of New York can expect as their already smart garbage bins may soon be turned into free WiFi hotspots as well. We don’t know if it would actually be hygienic to stand beside garbage bins if only to have a free online connection for a few minutes, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right?

Find open hotspots with WifiMapper wherever you are in the world

I've always wanted something like this but maybe because there are just too many games and cool apps to feature, I haven't had the chance to look for one. This 'WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map' is one useful app that will help you find free WiFi hotspots all over the world. It's a database of open WiFi zones so you can be connected to the Internet all the time at no cost.

Get no-contract WiFi Hotspot plans with Boost Mobile

Mobile hotspots are becoming more and more a necessity than a want, and since battery problems are always an issue for our smartphones, using it as a wifi hotspot is out of the question. That is why carriers are coming out with actual mobile hotspots that can connect a lot of your devices and gadgets. And it’s not just the major carriers getting in on the action, but even 3rd-party brands as well, like Boost Mobile.

Google WiFi Passport gets soft launch in Jakarta

One of Google's long-term aspirations, aside from becoming the world's repository of information, is to help get everyone on the planet connected to the Internet. The company has rather quietly started a service in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta that will let netizens connect to the Internet in an easier, or at least more affordable, way.

Starbucks WiFi provider shifts from AT&T to Google

Free WiFi has long been available at Starbucks locations and while that is not going away, there will soon be a change in providers. Basically, it looks like Google will be taking things over from AT&T and while Starbucks visitors will still be able to get their free WiFi fix, it does look like there will be some improvements.
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