WiFi calling

T-Mobile’s Wifi-Calling Now Useable on Nexus One

It's truly true: T-Mobile's Wifi-Calling feature has been pulled up out of Vanilla Froyo runner G2 and plopped back down into the Nexus One. Now you can have all the fun all your fancy friends have been having, just so long as you're working with N1s on the T-Mobile network. Learn all about it, specifically the instructions on how to do it, here courtesy of XDA-developers member Rsotbiemrptson having teamed up with some helpful XDA Developers buddies.

Kineto Holding WiFi Calling Contest, You Could Win an Android Phone

The name Kineto may not seem all that familiar, but now that WiFi Calling is a go for the T-Mobile G2, it's a name that you'll probably hear more of in the future. It's the company that's responsible for bringing WiFi Calling to the device, after all. In any event, it looks like they're doing pretty well for themselves, and so they're sharing in their good fortune by going forward with a contest that could see a lucky winner winning a high-end Android phone.

T-Mobile Responds to G2 Tethering and WiFi Calling OTA Update

We know people who have gotten the OTA update for their G2’s enabling WiFi Calling and Tethering. However, it seems T-Mobile is not ready to comment, if the push was a mistake, or premature. T-Mobile provided an official response to Phonescoop detailing their stance on what happened. Their response wasn’t the response we were looking for but at least they acknowledged that it would be coming, when in another story.
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