Samsung Galaxy S II to Come in White Also [Updated with Phone Image]

So you're thinking about grabbing a Galaxy S II, and you love the idea of having a white handset, but you're torn over wanting to dunk your smartphone in a vat of paint or not - fear not! According to Clove.CO.UK, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the original version of the Samsung Galaxy S II (GT-l9100) in white very soon. This is the same device you know and love from the world class review as done by Chris Davies on our sister site SlashGear, coming in 16GB with the same Super AMOLED Plus display and top-class specs!

Google Nexus S White Leaked

It appears that the BestBoyZ are at it again. Over in Germany there's been a leak of a supposed white-backed Samsung Nexus S. This Google phone has been the firecracker of the past few weeks as far as speed and overall fun factor go here in the states, now it's in white? Man, it's like they're in there own little world, these Google phones.

Droid 2 Global and DROID Pro 360° view available via Verizon

Time for some more DROID 2 Global news, this time in the form of it being officially able to view online (sort of). The Droid Pro is currently the only handset out of the 3 available for Verizon's 360° view but we do see the DROID 2 Global Winter White and Dark Sapphire right there on the page.
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