White Galaxy Nexus press photos appear

Just in time to make your holidays... no, wait, that doesn't work any more. In any case, the white version of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus that ws announced at UK retailers yesterday now has some pretty pictures to go with it. The new hue will be available for sale in early February at Clove and other phone sellers in its standard unlocked configuration, at the same ~499 GBP total price that the original is currently sold at. There are no current plans for carrier-subsidized versions, though that's certainly possible in the future.

White Galaxy Nexus and 32GB model coming to the UK soon

Brits got the first crack at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus almost a month before Google's home territory, but they've been lacking a couple of options thus far. Samsung's trend of releasing staggered white versions of its major phones will continue with the Galaxy Nexus, according to listings at Expansys and Handtec. The frost white model should become available "in the next two weeks" according to the former, and on February 6th for the latter. In addition, both are taking pre-orders for a 32GB version of the grey model, due sometime in the next month.

Motorola DROID RAZR gets a white version for December

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like the world's most neutral color. In addition to a rather subdued DROID XYBOARD announcement, Verizon let slip that an all-white version of the Motorola DROID RAZR would be available this month. Aside from a frosty casing, there's no difference from the model that launched last month - you'll still need to fork over $299.99 and sign up for a new two-year contract, or be eligible for a renewal. A specific date was not mentioned.

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket in white coming soon, press images revealed

Just in time for the holidays and white Christmas season Samsung appears to be suiting up a few of their Galaxy S II smartphones in white. Last week T-Mobile announced their Galaxy S II was coming soon in white, and quickly followed the announcement with a hands-on video. We haven't seen a formal announcement but according to Samsung the AT&T 4G LTE Galaxy S II Skyrocket will get the same treatment.

T-Mobile shows off white Galaxy S II on video

For those that love white smartphones and would rather not wander around with an iDevice T-Mobile has you covered. Announced this morning as "coming soon" is the T-Mobile Galaxy S II dressed in white for the holiday and Christmas season. We've now spotted a video from T-Mobile themselves showing off just how purdy the SGSII looks in real life.

Samsung Galaxy S II dressed in White hits Bell

The Samsung Galaxy S II superphone has been out in Canada and other areas for a while even though it's just starting to hit the U.S the past two weeks. We have seen a few press images here and there regarding a white version but today Bell Canada has confirmed they've got one in the works and it will be available shortly.

HTC EVO 3D coming soon in White thanks to RadioShack

RadioShack today has announced they will be launching the popular glasses-free 3D phone the HTC EVO 3D come September 9th, and it will be dressed in White. We saw the original EVO 4G get a similar make over but the entire device wasn't changed and mainly just the back cover. This time around the entire phone will get spiced up, that includes the camera bezels and everything. What do you think?

HTC Incredible 2 Coming in White Exclusively to Best Buy

We have heard rumors of a white and silver Droid Incredible 2 headed to the market but now we are seeing a Best Buy ad that confirms the white flavor is at least heading to the shelves. This might not be all that fancy to some but I know a few friends love the idea of rocking a white smartphone. I thought the white EVO 4G looked a little goofy personally.
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