LG Nexus 4 in white hands-on and unboxing

After countless leaks and speculation the folks from Google and LG finally made the white LG Nexus 4 official. It's the same Nexus we know and love, with a nice new paint job. After plenty of talk at Google I/O about a white model with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean getting announced we were excited, but it's still just on 4.2.2, for now at least. Read on for more details and a quick unboxing with Google's other baby. That being Google Glass.

White Nexus 4 shows up for preorder at TalkTalk

Are you looking to grab a Nexus 4? Well let's be honest, finding one is easier said than done right now. TalkTalk in the UK is listing a white Nexus 4 on its website for preorder, and if the way the phone is selling currently is any indication, you will probably need to preorder if you actually want to get one of the devices in white for yourself.

HTC One X white version doesn’t mix with blue jeans

When Levi Strauss created the prototype denim trousers over a century ago, he couldn't know that he was making what would be come one of the most popular garments of all time. He also couldn't know that someday people would be cramming Android superphones into them. Flash forward to 2012, and some users of the white version of the HTC One X have found that the blue dye used in their blue jeans seems particularly attracted to the finish on HTC's latest flagship.

Galaxy S III coming in blue and white to start

Multiple colors are coming back into style for modern superphones: you can grab a Galaxy Nexus in drab grey or arctic white, the Galaxy S II comes in black, white and hot pink, and the DROID RAZR can be had in black, white or, inexplicably, purple. According to a Carphone Warehouse inventory listing spotted by GSMArena, the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III will buck that trend somewhat, coming in blue and white.

White Samsung Galaxy Nexus now shipping from online retailers

We've known a white Galaxy Nexus was coming for some time now, and saw countless leaks of the snow white edition but it can finally be all yours starting today. Earlier this week the white edition was officially announced and set to be available February 13th but a few online retailers have started shipping early.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus in White official: Coming February 13

We knew it was coming but today Samsung made it official. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus in white is real, and coming soon. It will be available starting on February 13th and will be identical to the regular model -- only white as snow. Sadly it being available so late it has missed the snow for many markets, but then that depends on where you live.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4G LTE in white Hands-on

Coming to AT&T soon is the Samsung Galaxy Note that we've all seen plenty of lately. AT&T will be selling this 5.3" AMOLED HD packing smartphone in both black and white variants. While roaming at CES we were able to get a few quick pictures and video of the white version of the AT&T branded LTE Note for those interested. Check out more pictures after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Tabs also appear with white version — looks nice

We've been seeing a huge shift in Android lately with carriers offering white versions of smartphones. Mainly from Samsung with their all popular and famous Galaxy S II line and recently the Galaxy Nexus. Today we have a few images of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet both the 7" and 10" model sporting the color white.
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