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Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for April 5, 2014

Another Saturday has arrived, which ultimately means another week has come to a close. This week did bring some interesting news and announcements, however as exciting as it was -- it seems it was going to be a hard follow-up to the previous week when we saw HTC announce the One (M8).

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for March 15, 2014

Another week, and another weekly wrap-up post here on Android Community. This week we saw some interesting announcements, however there was also quite a bit of leaks and rumors. Those leaks and rumors circled around a few phones including the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom, ZTE Nubia X6, OPPO Find 7 and OnePlus One as well as "The All New HTC One." Of course, it is the One we suspect most are looking forward to seeing and as a reminder, HTC has that event scheduled for March 25th.

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for March 1, 2014

This time last week we were looking forward to seeing what would come out of Mobile World Congress. We were still trying to decipher what would end up having been rumor and speculation, and what would actually come to be. As it turned out, the announcements were plentiful, including some from HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, and Nokia.

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for February 22, 2014

Another week has wrapped, and that means it is time for another Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up post. Except this is likely one of the few times there is more excitement about what is to come in the week ahead, as opposed to a proper look back at the previous week. Nate did a 'what to expect' style post on the 21st, and that should offer a good idea of what is expected to come out of Barcelona this week.

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for February 15, 2014

On the surface this past week felt a bit low key in terms of news. This is the time of year for rumors and leaks. We saw plenty of those, dealing particularly with the Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC M8. Plenty more rumors will likely follow this week as we get closer to Mobile World Congress, but in mix with the rumors -- there was a handful of interesting news items this past week. Plus, there was also the bit about Flappy Bird.

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for February 8, 2014

Another week has come to a close and once again we have seen an interesting mix of stories. We've been sporting a new look on the site for a little while now, and as was mentioned yesterday afternoon, there are still some additional changes coming. We documented that well enough in the original post, so with that in mind, we should venture off to the world of Android. Mobile World Congress is quickly approaching and that means the rumors have sprung up.

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for January 4, 2014

This past week was another holiday week, and as a result, another slow week in terms of news. That isn't to say we didn't see anything exciting, however given the past week was a holiday week and next week is CES -- it seems many were simply holding and waiting. We expect plenty of goodness to come out of CES, but for now, let us take a look back at the highlights from the previous week.

Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for December 21, 2013

Another week has wrapped and that puts us one step closer to the end of the year. This time a year generally brings a slow down in news and announcements, but that is not to say there wasn't anything exciting this past week. Granted, we are expecting to be much busier come CES time, but for now we are still looking at stories from Motorola. And while they have been keeping up on the Kit Kat rollout, Samsung has been doing steady work with Android 4.3.
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