• Open webOS Galaxy Nexus port adds gesture area

    Slowly but surely, the Open webOS port to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is beginning to get fleshed out a bit. It wasn’t too long ago that Open webOS was first ported to the Galaxy Nexus, and today we’re seeing the

    October 10, 2012 • Views: 534

  • Source code for Open webOS Galaxy Nexus port goes public

    When it comes to Open webOS on Android, things seem to progressing rather quickly. Open webOS isn’t even a week old yet, but within a few hours after HP released it, it was already booting on the Galaxy Nexus. Just a couple

    October 4, 2012 • Views: 500

  • Open webOS 1.0 ported to Transformer Prime

    One hacker has been working hard over the weekend, getting the brand new Open webOS 1.0 running on the Transformer Prime. This weekend, open webOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith – who got the open webOS OpenEmbedded beta

    October 1, 2012 • Views: 543

  • Core WebOS developers defect to Google

    It’s not a popular fact among the Android faithful, but Ice Cream Sandwich has a lot of the same design DNA as HP’s (and formerly Palm’s) WebOS, thanks to designer┬áMatias Duarte. Now Google is getting a fresh

    May 25, 2012 • Views: 514

  • WebOS app favorite Glimpse coming to Android

    As anyone who’s actually used it will tell you, the death of Palm/HP’s WebOS really is a shame. The little operating system that couldn’t had a lot of great ideas (more than a few of which made their way into

    January 26, 2012 • Views: 408

  • HP TouchPad receives Alpha version of MIUI

    We’re likely to see Android development progress quicker now that HP decided to disperse WebOS as an open source OS, and recent news suggests developers are getting excited. MIUI, an extremely popular visually

    December 15, 2011 • Views: 930

  • HP going open source with WebOS

    This isn’t technically an Android story, but we know there’s lots of Palm Pre and HP Touchpad users out there in the reading audience. After months of indecision over the future of WebOS, HP has decided to release

    December 9, 2011 • Views: 530

  • Download dual-boot Android on your HP TouchPad now

    Just Monday we saw an extremely early version of Android living happily with WebOS on the same HP TouchPad, but the developers hadn’t released the necessary files to try it out yourself. Rejoice, cheap tablet modders: the

    October 5, 2011 • Views: 960

  • ACME Installer demo shows off Android/WebOS dual-boot on HP TouchPad

    There are geeks working hard out there to get Android onto the HP TouchPad that failed so brilliantly. The future of WebOS might be murky and the future of updates is something that many that own the TouchPad may be worrying

    October 3, 2011 • Views: 868

  • TouchPad Android port continues: H/W acceleration, more [Video]

    Work on the HP TouchPad Android port continues, with the Cyanogenmod team releasing a new video┬ádemonstrating its latest milestone. Both of the TouchPad’s 1.5GHz cores can now be used, all of the sound issues have been

    September 20, 2011 • Views: 596