Yahoo Weather app now brings “near-term weather alerts”

No matter what side of the argument you are on, it’s very obvious that climate change and global warming wreaking all kinds of havoc on our weather. One moment it’s sunny, after a few minutes, torrential rain suddenly hits you. So sometimes it’s hard to plan what to wear, whether or not to bring your umbrella, to walk or ride a taxi, etc. That’s why it’s always prudent to check your preferred weather app, but sometimes it only gives you an hour's or so warning. Yahoo Weather has updated its app and claims to give you “near-term weather alerts.”

Weather 360 gives you a beautified way of looking at weather updates

Checking out the weather on your smartphone is not the funnest thing that you can do on your device. Your built-in app is probably functional (read: boring) and third-party apps may not be the most exciting. It gets the job done, but you’re left feeling dissatisfied because apps are supposed to be more than that. Weather 360 may be one of the prettiest ones that you’ll see around, and at the same time, it is still chockfull of functions and features.

WeatherBug update: new look, home energy meter, lightning alerts

Yes, your smartphone may probably have a built-in weather detector, but sometimes, it just isn't really enough, especially if your work or your schedule really depends on having the most accurate and detailed information. One of the most popular Android apps in this category is WeatherBug and now the latest update to the app brings a new look and a UI refresh, a home energy meter that will help you manage your energy use, and several other new widgets to make your weather experience better.

Be updated with global weather conditions with Weatheroux⁺ and Weatheroux²

Monitoring the weather in various places is sometimes a necessity for some people like frequent travelers, people who have clients all over the world, or those that have loved ones scattered all over the globe. Yes, you can always check it on Google or your smartphone's native weather app, but you'd like to have an easier, not to mention more visually pleasing, way to do that right? Two weather apps, companions actually, can do that for you.

Yahoo Weather app on Android now with animated effects

There are a lot of weather apps available but nothing is as stunning as Yahoo Weather. I've tried a number of related apps but I would always go back to Yahoo because of the beautiful images. The app recently received an update with animated effects like fog, heat, lighting, frost, rain, and snow. All you need to do is look at the app and you'll immediately know the weather outside. No need to open the windows because you'll know what's going on outside just by looking at your screen.

Google updates News and Weather app to look like Google Now

In keeping up with the transformation of its basic apps into their “Material” design language, Google has now updated the look of its News and Weather app. The panel and card-type design now makes the app, which is built-in for some devices, look like Google Now. It also seems to be more competitive now with other news apps like Flipboard, News360 and even Google’s own Google Play Newsstand.

YoWindow Weather reflects conditions through landscapes

Haven’t you ever wished that your weather app would show you what the actual weather conditions are outside instead of just giving you the temperature? Well it isn’t exactly the same thing, but a new Android app called YoWindow Weather gives you artwork and landscapes that reflect what it’s really like outside, depending on the time, day and place that you want to see, in lieu of actual live pictures.

Yahoo’s redesigned Weather app arrives for Android users

It looks like today happens to be a day when apps that were once iOS only arrive for Android users. Earlier today we saw the release of a game called Dots and now it looks like the Yahoo! Weather app has also arrived. Well, specifically, the redesigned Yahoo! Weather app that arrived for iOS a little while back. That said, the Yahoo! Weather app has arrived as one would expect -- by way of the Google Play Store and for free.
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