Intel working on ID bracelet for security and authentication

Intel isn't just about chips and processors. At the Intel Developer Forum, the company showed off a new prototype identification bracelet that could be a game-changer when it comes to password management. It's a band that can easily be worn on the wrist. It was showcased on stage working with a computer running the newest Windows 10.

Fossil intros Intel Curie-powered Android Wear watch

Watch and fashion brands joining the wearable bandwagon is nothing new. In fact, we're anticipating more announcements will be made by the bigger names in the industry. We already know Tag Heuer, Casio, and Mondaine are prepping up their Android Wear devices for release soon while a bunch of tech companies are also working on their own smartwatch offerings. This time, American fashion brand Fossil has partnered with Intel to make a new smartwatch powered by Android Wear.

Android Wear for Samsung Gear S project now started at XDA

If you’re an owner of one of Samsung’s first curved display devices, a wearable called Samsung Gear S, you might have wondered how it would be to have Android Wear installed on the smartwatch. You see, if you didn’t realize it, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch runs on the proprietary Tizen platform. We won’t try to say anything bad about that, but we can all agree that Android Wear is relatively more universal and as such will have more apps you can use.

Moto 360 2 sighted, might come in two variants

Almost one and half years after the first Moto 360 was introduced by Motorola, we're now anticipating for the next-gen version. The smartwatch has been the subject of numerous rumors of what could be the next wearable from the company. After we learned that the Google Store slashed the price of Moto 360 a few months back, we started hearing about it popping up at Bluetooth SIG. Even more details were shared last month.

Huawei Watch apparently just “round the corner”

The clock has been ticking now for almost 6 months ever since Huawei announced its first Android Wear smartwatch back in March during the Mobile World Congress. But since then, we haven’t seen any indication as to when the round-faced will actually come out in the market and also how much it will retail for. However, it looks like it might be coming soon as a sign-up page has been announced on their website, although it is just for people who are interested in updates about their first wearable.

Omate smart ring tells you when THAT person is calling

If you’ve been around mobile technology then you will know that the Omate smart ring isn’t the first of its kind around. There have been “smart rings” for just about any purpose you can think a ring will do, be it gestures for changing TV channels, measuring health data, or give your ring finger some vibrations to remind you that your phone has notifications. In this, the Omate smart ring differs uniquely because it only vibrates for that one person calling your phone.

Garmin releases Forerunner 25 running watch, Android compatible

If you were ever in the market for a health-conscious wrist watch, you might have seen that Garmin’s range of options for you is pretty wide – you have 10 different sports or health oriented watches, and they’re adding one more to that line with the Garmin Forerunner 25. This new running watch slots neatly into the more budget-friendly part of Garmin’s products.

Helvetica 1 Mondaine smartwatch now listed for pre-order

The era of smartwatches has finally begun. Development may be a bit slow but this year, we've seen more and more companies joining the bandwagon. It's not just phone makers and electronics manufacturers coming up with their own models. Even the top watch brands are getting into the game. Tag Heuer already announced a luxury smartwatch which will come with a hefty price tag later this year. Casio also decided to enter the smartwatch market early next year. We're guessing more watch makers will also decide to join the market before smartwatches become very common.

Alcatel offers special back-to-school phone + watch bundle for students

A few more weeks and summer will be over. That means only one thing for the students: it's back to school again. And since any student needs new stuff for school, Alcatel is offering a great deal. Alcatel has just listed on its website a special bundle that includes the OneTouch Idol 3 and a watch for only $299.99. Save as much as $100 on this deal if you buy this directly from Alcatel.
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