Walmart to offer the Samsung Galaxy S 4G for under $150

Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced it would be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S 4G smartphone and now, we have a leak which states the phone will be available at Walmart for $148.88 ($150 in disquise) with a two year service agreement or upgrade.  Those interested can also purchase the Galaxy S on a 2 year flexpay agreement for $248.88 or outright for $650.00 with no commitment.

$100 Giftcard with Smartphone purchase at Walmart

It's the holiday season. That means discounts on almost everything as especially phones. While most discounts generally come during Black Friday, Walmart is offering up quite a sweet deal that you can take advantage of from 11/17 to 11/25.

Motorola DEFY and LG Optimus T Offered Up for Cheap by Walmart

The Motorola DEFY and the LG Optimus T are launching on T-Mobile November 3rd, but that's not stopping Walmart from going ahead and pricing the devices on their own. And, as you could have probably guessed, it looks like Walmart is ready to sell them for pretty cheap. Some may even say dirt cheap, especially when it comes to the LG Optimus T.

Droid 2 recalled from WalMart – Droid 2 Global release imminent?

We know the Droid 2 Global is coming, we just aren’t exactly sure when. Rumors over the past month have pointed to the Global officially replacing the Droid 2 in Verizon’s stock when it’s released. It’s looking like that day might be sooner than expected - WalMart is currently in the process of shipping back it’s Droid 2 stock to it’s distributer.

HTC G2 Blaze for T-Mobile Seen on Walmart’s Site

We know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that T-Mobile is launching the G2. We've even seen it in pictures now. But, there's something odd about Walmart showing it off on their website. We may be speaking for just ourselves here, but seeing a high profile device, especially one as high profile as the G2 "Blaze" here, listed in full glory (without a picture of its own, though), just seems foreign and unnatural.

Walmart Wireless to offer Nexus One?

Currently the only way to pick up a Nexus One is via Google's own online store, but Walmart seem to be preparing to sell the Android 2.1 smartphone themselves.  A spec page for the N1 has been spotted at the Walmart Wireless site, complete with the promise that the Snapdragon handset is "coming soon". There's no indication of when the Nexus One might arrive at Walmart, nor if it will be available in-store or only online.  However there's plenty of detail about the smartphone on the pre-info page, which makes us suspect this isn't an accidental listing. [Thanks jamstar35!]
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