Sparkling Particle 3D Live Wallpaper, It’s Awesome and Free

So I've got this new addiction to Live Wallpapers in case you readers haven't noticed. I've been finding a few cool or unique LWP each day and posting them here for everyone else to love and enjoy, and today is no different. Today I found an awesome LWP that is also free. It might not look that great from the screenshots, but on the device it's actually really nice and my new favorite.

Koi Fish Live Wallpaper, 3D Graphics and Rain Drops Too

I'm back again today with another awesome live wallpaper for you guys. I think I'll just call them LWP from here on out. Today we bring you another well made and top quality wallpaper from one of if not my favorite LWP developers and that is KittehFace. This is the newest LWP from those guys and it sure is impressive. It is a Koi Fish wallpaper but as always they give you more options than most and let you customize everything.

Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper, Watch for Rain

We all love our android Live Wallpapers right? It is just one of those features that adds that extra touch of personality to your smartphone. Last week we featured the Pixel Rain LWP and so many people liked it that I figured I'd find another one of my favorites for everyone. Today I present you with Thunderstorm LWP, made by one of the best wallpaper developers around.

Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper, Not HD But Who’s Complaining

I saw this yesterday and just had to download it and so far I actually really like it. This is a live wallpaper called Pixel Rain and it is full of options and features yet its completely free in the Android Market. I know everything is HD these days and all the apps keep getting updated to work with higher resolution screens and all that jazz, but this retro looking wallpaper just rocks.

HBO TrueBlood Live Wallpaper for Android

Summertime is upon us and what does that mean aside from all manufacturers launching new phones? Great shows from HBO and Showtime are starting back up all summer long. I know that doesn't really have anything to do with Android but the highly popular HBO original series TrueBlood just started the new season last night and kicked off with a bang. All sorts of crazy things going on with shape-shifters, fairies, dead vampires, and even panthers. For those that don't watch the show I highly recommend it.

Gravity Home: A Live Wallpaper and Home Launcher in One

We all love the live wallpapers on our Android phones right? They allow us to do cool things like fly through space, play duck hunt, or even float through the clouds right on our phones home screen. Today I have something really unique and quite fun to show you. It's called Gravity Home and it is a live wallpaper and a home replacement launcher like ADW or LP but at the same time. Yup it replaces the home launcher with a live wallpaper and adds in some physics that makes your icons float around, neat huh?

‘Android Eats Apple’ Wallpaper Download

At the Google I/O developer conference earlier this week, Google poked a little fun at Apple on its big screen during the first day's keynote. They showed an illustration of the Android robot happily eating an apple, which had many folks not only thinking it was funny but wanting it as a wallpaper. Thanks to the original artist, it is now available.

Awesome Super Mario Android wallpaper

I am a big Super Mario fan going back years ago when the game first hit stores when I was a kid. Mario is one of the most popular game characters out there. If you are a fan of Mario, you can make Super Mario Bros your wallpaper like the geek in the video below.

SmartDevices SmartQ V5 and V7 getting Android 2.1 update

Everyone is getting some Android 2.1 love these days. The SmartQ V5 and V7 MIDs from SmartDevices will receive an update to Android 2.1. This updated will bring live wallpapers, 3D acceleration, a new UI and improved Bluetooth capabilities. The only thing missing will be multi-touch, their resistive screens is the reason for the omission of this feature.

Google Buzz widget in the market

Our awesome director, Simms22, has found the official Google Buzz widget in the market. Buzz was introduced by Google awhile back and has quickly became a popular way of sharing your location and it offers twitter like functionality.
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