Link your wallpaper to a friend’s with APUS launcher new beta feature

If you’ve been using the APUS launcher as your default Android smartphone home screen launcher, a new beta feature might make you happy, if you’re into having the same wallpaper with a loved one. The Linked Wallpaper feature allows you to link your accounts together, making it easier to share photos or other images so that the two of you will be able to either stay in touch through your home screen or relive memories that only a photo can bring.

TapDeck goes out of beta and into Material Design, new features

A few months ago, we told you about this new live wallpaper app called TapDeck that gave you more than just pretty pictures on your smartphone. Even though it was still in beta then, a lot of people found the app informative and enjoyable. Now, the good news is that it’s finally going out of beta, and along with it, the developers are bringing more features to the app, including a Material Design look, and a better way of sharing the wallpapers you enjoy the most to other people.

TapDeck is the smart wallpaper for your smartphone

Since we spend an inordinate amount of time looking at our smartphone, it should be a requirement that our devices' wallpapers should be beautiful. There are a lot of wallpaper apps out there, both live and static, but wouldn't you like something that will make you long to travel to far-away places or give you more information about the picture staring back at you? TapDeck says it is the smart wallpaper that will match your smartphone, as it can offer you more than just visual satisfaction.

nowPaper update: animated card-view, new location

Some mobile users are very particular when it comes to their devices' wallpapers. While there are a lot of pictures on your album or you can just search Google images to put something on your homescreen, there are apps out there that can give you better options. If you're a Google fan, then nowPaper is a good app to have, and their latest update brings you better saving options and adds a new location.

Asus launches two new wallpapers for Android users

Asus has launched a pair of new wallpapers for Android users called Asus MyOcean and Asus DayScene. The MyOcean wallpaper is a live wallpaper with the level of the water in the ocean tied to the battery level of the device. That means a glance at the water level will tell you how much power you have left.

Chromecast Wallpaper adds beauty to your Android smartphone

If you’re not the type of person who wants to use too colorful or too loud phone cases but would like to have your smartphone have a little more personality, then wallpapers are your best decorative bet. However, most of the built-in wallpapers are not that great or you don’t have that many choices given by your OEM. A new app brings the beauty of the wallpapers from Google Chromecast to your Android device of choice.

nowPaper 2.0 now has Muzei extension, new wallpapers

nowPaper, a wallpaper collection app, has announced the release of version 2.0, which now includes support for live wallpaper app Muzei, and a collection of new designs that have been inspired by the landscapes and cities from Google Now’s backgrounds. Your Android devices can now sport these amazing-looking designs on your home screen, and you can even set them to reflect the time of day.

Tapet generates random wallpapers for your mobile device

Some people change wallpapers on their mobile devices as often as they change clothes (some even more than that!). But there comes a time when you’ll run out of ideas on what to use or you’ve already exhausted your wallpaper app. Here is where the Tapet app comes in, as it can generate a random wallpaper for you daily or even hourly if you really wanted.

Android L wallpapers now available for download

Google has already released the Android L Developer Preview, and that means some fun for a select group of users. You know, those willing to play around and put up with the quirks and bugs. But as we often see -- the release of a file such as this Developer Preview also means something for the average end user.

500 Firepaper update adds 500px Pro option

Remember 500 Firepaper, that app that turns 500px photos into a livewallpaper? Now it's back with a vengeance and has a few major features in tow, including an overhaul of the History Browser and a partnership with the 500px mothership.
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