Key Plus allows launch of apps from LG device volume buttons

Much has been said about the patented rear-placed power button and volume rocker of recent LG smartphone devices, but to tell you the truth, it really does make life easier. Key Plus is one of those apps that take advantage of the unique volume button placement on LG smartphones, giving you convenient access to launching apps even when the phone is locked.

SoundHUD brings ‘true’ silent mode back to Lollipop

Seems like there’s a big issue with Lollipop users about Google tweaking the usually generic “silent mode” in Android 5.0. With Lollipop, you get a “no notifications whatsoever” mode and you get what is called “Priority mode”. After all the discussions (you should see the reddit thread via the source link), some people would just really want one “silent mode” on their phones. That’s what SoundHUD tries to bring.

Android Community App of the Week: DSP Manager

There's nothing more annoying than a smartphone with a weak speaker. Whenever I'm reviewing a new Android phone, I always check the external speaker volume, because it's become an essential buying point for many readers. If you're stuck with a phone that has a tiny, weak speaker, (like most of Samsung's phones, unfortunately) you're not out of luck. DSP Manager is a non-Market app that allows you to set up a custom equalizer setting, and with the right tweaks, raise your speaker volume to almost twice its normal output.

Google claims volume fix will be pushed within the week

In case you haven't heard, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has had a few volume bugs; very unfortunate for such an anticipated device. On the bright side, updates for the Galaxy Nexus come straight from the team at Google. They've always been punctual at releasing proper fixes soon after an obvious issue arises. It turns out that Google themselves now claim that "We're currently rolling out a fix for the volume issue which will reach everyone in the coming week".

Samsung confirms volume fix for Galaxy Nexus, halts shipments temporarily

Earlier this week European Galaxy Nexus users started reporting strange volume fluctuations when certain network conditions were met, making the new flagship phone a headache to use in 2G/EDGE coverage areas. Google has already acknowledged the bug and is promising an incoming software fix, but Samsung's UK branch took the time to re-confirm the bug and its imminent patching. However, it appears that the manufacturer has frozen shipments of the Galaxy Nexus in the interim.