Skype for Verizon is Available Today

The wait is finally over for all you Verizon customers, Skype is now available for use will select Verizon phones including their entire lineup of Android’s. Starting this morning, you can visit the Skype Mobile site and download the app right to your phone.

Skype Android developer role tips full VoIP app

Exciting times ahead; not only is SlingPlayer for Android confirmed for a Summer 2010 release, but Skype look to be getting serious about VoIP on Android too.  A new job listing on the company's site calls for an Android developer to work on "delivering Skype solutions on Android OS based mobile platforms." While there's already an official Skype app in the Android Market, it doesn't yet offer the full range of VoIP functionality desktop users are accustomed to.  Instead of carrying voice calls over a data connection, it instead dials into a local number, bridging those calls to national and international users for reduced fees compared to your carrier. This new role, meanwhile, suggests that Skype are getting more serious about their Android VoIP proposal, and leaves us quietly hopeful that we'll see a full, data-based app from them at some point in the near future.
The Brief Your role will be developing the Skype application on the Android platform. You will be working within Skype's development organization, with both the architects and other developers, creating the solutions to fulfil Skype's mobile strategy. Most important for us is that you are a good and competent developer. It is obviously a great plus if your expertise areas are in mobile runtime platforms, services and networks and an understanding of the possibilities and limitations they offer. Key Responsibilities
  • You will be a developer in the team responsible for delivering Skype solutions on Android OS based mobile platforms
  • Participating in estimating the workload for the team and architectural discussions
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Fritz has a new Android app that allows you to connect via the WLAN and can be used for landline telephone calls and other FRITZ!Box functions. Two boxes premiered at this years CeBit, the FRITZ!Box WLAN 3370 with VDSL and the latest WLAN N technology and the FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 6360 with cable modem.

Google Testing 1 Gigabit Internet Service

Google is testing a new fiber optic network in a select few locations. There was a rumor floating around that the Nexus One would have the ability to use VOIP to make calls without the need for a wireless carrier. Looks like Google has bigger plans in the making.

Truphone hits Nexus One but causes Google Voice instability?

Truphone have updated their Android VoIP app to support the Google Nexus One.  The software - Truphone v3.0.2 - now supports the Nexus One, T-Mobile Pulse, HTC G1, Hero and Magic, and offers free WiFi VoIP calls between Truphone users as well as to Google Talk and Skype accounts. There's also an IM client baked into Truphone, which supports Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and AIM accounts, and as with other VoIP systems we've seen they'll happily take your cash in return for lower cost international calls.  WiFi VoIP is a relatively new addition to Truphone; when the app first arrived for Android it routed calls over a regular call. Unfortunately this latest version has some issues too, though only if you're a Google Voice user.  Gear Diary report that, while they had Truphone installed, Google Voice regularly crashed and their Nexus One ran slower than usual and suffered periodic lock-ups; the issue was fixed when Truphone was removed. Press Release:
Truphone First to Bring Wi-Fi Calling To Nexus One Truphone’s new Android application updated to operate on Google’s new device LONDON – 22 January 2010 — Hot on the heels of the release of Truphone’s VoIP enabled Truphone for Android application earlier this month, Truphone, the next generation global mobile operator, today announces that it is the first company to provide Wi-Fi calling on the Nexus One device from Google. Following collaboration with Google, Truphone is pleased to announce that from today Truphone for Android is compatible with the Nexus One. In addition to compatibility with the Nexus One, the update (version 3.0.2), ensures compatibility with the T-Mobile Pulse, meaning that Truphone is now Wi- Fi compatible with a total of five Android devices (see original release for list) Karl Good, Director of Applications for Truphone said: “Google has been very helpful in working with the Truphone team to allow us to provide our award- winning solution to the growing number of Nexus One owners. Once again it is a testament to Truphone that we are the first to be able to offer this technology to consumers.” Truphone for Android (version 3.0.2), is available now as a free download in the Android Market.

Fring update Android VoIP app: more stable, better audio

Fring have released a new version of their Android messaging and VoIP app, which promises reduced battery consumption, improved audio quality on the DROID and Milestone, and better support for the Nexus One.  Fring v1.2.0.25 also improves general app stability, something much requested after the software first arrived in the Android Market back in November 2009. The Android version still lags behind Symbian and other platforms in terms of sheer number of features, as you can see in this diagram.  However, if you're looking for Skype, MSN and Google Talk VoIP along with IM support, all over carrier data connections as well as WiFi, it's one of the few apps in the Market that offer it. Key changes:
  • Hide/Show offline buddies
  • Hide/Show address book
  • Privacy settings for IM signature and mood message
  • A fix for the audio issues on Motorola DROID and Milestone
  • Better support for Google’s Nexus One
  • Improved battery consumption
  • Bug fixes

Get $5 free My Global Talk VoIP credit with Android Community

Android Community is giving users the opportunity to sign up to My Global Talk's VoIP service, for low-cost international calls, and we're throwing in some free credit to get you started.  Since we know our readers love getting something for nothing, if you sign up via the widget on the AC frontpage you'll get $5 credit straight away. It's ridiculously simple to get started: just fill in the details (name, email, mobile number and choose your device) and you'll receive your account information instantly.  From then on, to take advantage of My Global Talk's rates, you simply use their Android app - alternatively, since it integrates with the G1's Contacts and Recent Calls, you can't carry on calling pretty much as you have been already. $5 is enough for 250 minutes of chat with someone in the UK, calling from the US, or around 150 minutes with all your friends in Switzerland.  We're interested to hear how you get on with My Global Talk, and we're hoping you'll be vocal in letting us know.

Sipdroid promises Android WiFi VoIP [Video]

While there's already a Skype client available in the Android Market, it's doesn't offer true VoIP: instead of using WiFi, it relies on your minutes and data plan.  If you want VoIP over WiFi, you may have to wait until the Sipdroid project reaches fruition. Sipdroid uses a WiFi connection to make VoIP calls between devices - in the video below, the second phone (non-Android) is called from Sipdroid running on the G1.  According to the comments at YouTube, Sipdroid is on target for a May release; dates aren't certain, as while the project started out open-source it's now been moved to closed development. While that's all very exciting, we've a feeling Sipdroid will fall victim to the same distribution agreement terms & conditions as tethering apps have.  Just as Google pulled tethering software from the Android Market because it contravenes T-Mobile's ToS, most carriers also have non-VoIP clauses in their contracts.  That could be enough reason for Google to block Sipdroid. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Igo7brlRo[/youtube] [via Phandroid; thanks Nikotttin!]

Truphone Anywhere ‘VoIP’ app for Android launches

Truphone have announced a version of their Truphone Anywhere client for the T-Mobile G1.  The app, a free download from the Android Market, is available in the US, UK and, in preparation for the G1's release in Germany come March 2009, in German.  As well as free VoIP calls over WiFi between Truphone users, the service claims to offer lower-cost international calls.
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