Motorola releases app for managing voice mails

When you think of voice mail, it's not something that would excite you or would make you think of high-tech visual apps. All you would want is something that is practical and something that works. That is probably what Motorola was thinking when they created the Visual Voice Mail, which is not the most exciting app around, but gets (or should) the job done.

Google Voice voicemail changes coming next month

Google has recently announced some upcoming changes to Google Voice. These will be going into effect on October 1st and perhaps more important -- is that they will be dealing with security. Specifically, with the security of your voicemail when you are calling in to access your account by phone.

Google Voice update integrates voicemail with phone app

If you're like most heavy Google Voice users, you keep your GV voicemail and standard carrier voicemail separate. This is great for managing different numbers, but it's a bit of a pain to wrangle all on the same phone. Android and Google Voice get a little closer today, as GV's voicemail service is available from the native Android phone/dialer app. The update treats voicemails like calls, so you'll see them in the same place that you usually see Google Voice incoming and outgoing calls in the dialer. Download the updated Google Voice app to apply the changes.

Visual voicemail missing from Ice Cream Sandwich and Galaxy Nexus

I know everyone wants a Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right about now, and all the reviews and recent news is only making the wait harder. I feel your pain don't worry. We made another quick ICS hands-on demo you can see here, but shortly after we noticed that ICS was lacking any sort of visual voicemail option out of the box. If you remember, Google showed it off in Hong Kong when they unveiled the Galaxy Nexus -- but now it's missing.

LG Ally Details Galore And a Verizon Pre-Order Date

Some internal documents were leaked recently to the guys over at BGR. These documents contained all sorts of information on the upcoming LG Ally. We now know that it’s coming to Verizon and pre-orders will start this May 13th. This phone will also bring with it a few alterations to Android.