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Google releases Voice Search Videos

Google has gone and released some videos showing some interesting ways and situations to use their Voice Search feature that has been available since 2008. These videos provide a good reminder to all of us the real usefulness of the Voice Search feature that many of us forget to use, but Google sees it as a major feature of their famed mobile OS.

“Life Smart” UI On The Galaxy S – Video

The Galaxy S by Samsung has been overshadowed by the announcement of the HTC EVO 4G by Sprint. Since then Samsung has released their presentation from this year’s CTIA. Also, they folks at androidcentral were lucky enough to get some hands on time with this beautiful yet powerful handset.

Google Shopper Now Available In The Market

Google has recently announced another Google made app for Android. This app is called Google Shopper. Shopper lets you find product information quickly by using your phone's camera. This app is similar to Barcode Scanner and Shopsavvy. So if you are familiar with those apps you can jump right in and feel right at home. If you are not it is a very easy and intuitive program to learn.

Official eBay App

eBay has long been the place to go when you want to buy, trade or find various odd things. There has been a few unofficial eBay apps on Android for awhile, now eBay themselves has released an official app to Android.

Google voice recognition slices out swearing

We're guessing a large number of people were screaming profanities at their Nexus One handsets this weekend, not out of frustration with the phone itself but to test out Google's apparent voice recognition censorship.  Testing of the Nexus One's speech-transcription systems revealed that swear words are not directly translated, but instead replaced by strings of hashes.
"We filter potentially offensive or inappropriate results because we want to avoid situations whereby we might misrecognize a spoken query and return profanity when, in fact, the user said something completely innocent.  Ultimately our goal is to return results that show exactly what you said, and we’re constantly working to improve the technology to better fit our users’ needs" Google statement
Android's speech recognition relies on Google's servers remotely processing voice commands and then feeding back the results to the user's handset.  Google reckon the censorship isn't a matter of wanting to avoid legitimately fruity language, but in fact the opposite: accidentally mis-transcribing something and inadvertently sending back obscenities to a user. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Android Google Maps gets Latitude, voice search and transit directions

Google Maps for Android is now even better than before, thanks to new features and a few fixed issues with Google Latitude.  You can now search Google Maps for Android simply by speaking your query and Google Maps will search it for you.  Google’s voice recognition engine currently understands English in American, Australian and British accents.  Other notable features, once you find what you’re looking for, include store hours, prices, ratings, and reviews. When traveling to San Francisco or New York City, I do a lot of walking and/or take public transportation.  Up until now, mapping out walking directions or transit for Google Maps for Android was sorely missing.  Thanks to the updates, these two features are available in over 250 cities, including NYC and San Francisco. Google also improved Google Latitude by fixing an issue that caused background location updates to periodically stop for some users.  So now, once you select “Detect your location” from the Latitude privacy menu, your location will continue to update as long as your Android phone is on.  There’s also a new experimental feature called Updates that lets you connect with your friends and post messages.  To test out this new feature, start Latitude and click the “Updates” tab to broadcast your updates. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YFw9p0TjT8[/youtube] The upgrade isn’t pushed to your Android phones so make sure to download it in the Android Market by searching for "Google Maps" and then following the instructions. [Google Android]
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