HTC Desire HD and Desire Z spotted at Vodafone Germany

Two new HTC smartphones have apparently been spotted in Vodafone Germany's database, and the names should be familiar from previous rumors.  According to BestBoyz, the HTC Desire HD (aka the HTC Ace) and the HTC Desire Z (aka the HTC Vision) are both imminently close to launch. The HTC Desire HD is tipped to have the 4.3-inch WVGA display of the HTC EVO 4G but cater for the UMTS/HSPA 3G networks of Europe.  It's also expected to use Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, along with an 8-megapixel camera capable of 720p HD video recording. As for the HTC Desire Z, that's been spotted before wearing T-Mobile branding, and is basically an HTC Desire with an added slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  That means a 3.7-inch display, 1GHz CPU and 5-megapixel camera. [via Pocket-lint]

Nexus One for Vodafone to Get Android 2.2 Next Week

If you bought the Nexus One on Vodafone, you got Android 2.1. No surprise there, considering it was the phone to launch the mobile OS into the world. But, with that being said, everyone who owns a Nexus One has either been waiting patiently to get their official upgrade to Froyo (which was released by Google a little while ago), especially those on carriers. Getting updates from your wireless carrier can be a bit of a pain, as all Motorola Droid owners know, but Vodafone is hoping to calm of their wireless customers down here next week.

Vodafone launches Nexus One in Australia

Nexus One is finally launching down under. Courtesy of Vodafone Hutchison Australia. It's an exclusive deal. Price wise, you're looking at $79 per month, but you'll be getting the handset for free. That is, if you sign a two year contract.

Sony Erricson X10 Mini Pro to be stocked by Vodafone

Already found in several countries is the X10 Mini, now a newer QWERTY-enabled version of the Android phone is due to arrive. Vodafone will be stocking the Sony Erricson the thicker newer version. Its "Coming Soon" page has a featured entry for the X10 Mini Pro which allows those to register for the Mini Pro when Vodafone is prepared to release the phone.

T-Mobile UK now has the HTC Wildfire

Vodafone now has some competition for potential Wildfire customers. T-Mobile UK now carries this compact version of the Nexus One. There’s even a plan that allows you to obtain this device free of charge.

The HTC Legend will hit Australia by June 3rd

Soon all you folks in Australia will be able to purchase the HTC Legend. By June 3rd this Sense UI powered by Android 2.1 can be yours.  Vodafone and 3 Mobile will be the Australian carrier’s, Vodafone will be offering it for free with a 49 AUD plan.

Samsung Galaxy S coming soon to Vodafone UK

Look like Vodafone will be the first company in the world to release the Samsung Galaxy S. although you can’t preorder now, this handset has been moved to the “coming soon” on Vodafone’s website. But, you can register to receive updates and availability, when it’s ready for preorder you will be notified first.

Phones4U UK stocking the Nexus One on May 7th?

This is quite odd, Google has long since said the Nexus One will only be available online. But, According to a report featured on Mobile Magazine, Phones4U will carry Google’s Nexus One both on their website and in their retail stores across the United Kingdom. If this is correct they will be first to have a physical device for demonstration purposes and for sale.

Black HTC Desire comes to Orange UK, sells out

This has been a trend for HTC as of late. They have sold out of everything from Vodafone’s Nexus One, the HD2 and a few times with the desire. What’s going on with HTC, maybe they didn’t think their phones would be this popular? Orange has recently made the black HTC desire and it sold out almost as soon as it was available.

Vodafone confirm Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini “coming soon”

Vodafone UK have confirmed that the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini - the palm-sized version of the Android XPERIA X10 - is "coming soon" to the network.  CoolSmartPhone spotted the handset, which has a 2.55-inch capacitive touchscreen, 3G and Sony Ericsson's Mediascape and Timescape UIs, in the May issue of Vodafone's magazine. The handset is yet to make an appearance on Vodafone's site and there's no confirmation of exactly when the Android device will launch.  Still, we're expecting it to be priced from free with a new contract, though there's also the possibility that Vodafone might offer it on a mid- to high-tier prepay contract too. There's also no sign of its QWERTY-blessed sibling, the similarly-small XPERIA X10 mini pro.  More on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini in our hands-on coverage over at SlashGear.
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