Vodafone to Stock HTC Desire Z

Although not yet available on the official Vodafone website, ads have begun to be released noting their intent on stocking the HTC Desire Z. It's "Perfect for business." For real, the slide-out QUERTY keyboard and 2.7" touchscreen and everything, all at your favorite red and white flavored phone service provider. It appears that it'll be on a plan at around £30 (plus VAT) per month on business tariffs, shiny as ever.

Vodafone and Orange confirm Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing

Vodafone and Orange have confirmed their pricing for Samsung's Galaxy Tab.  Vodafone are only offering one month contracts, from £3 per month (though you have to pay £2 per day for 500MB of data) with the Tab itself priced at £499 regardless. Meanwhile Orange are offering monthly and yearly agreements, with the Tab priced from £499 and the option to save £5 per month if you're an existing mobile or broadband customer.  More on the Galaxy Tab in our full review over at SlashGear. [via SlashGear]

Vodafone HTC Desire HD now won’t ship until October 22

October 14th came and went, with no sign of the Vodafone HTC Desire HD arriving as initially promised.  Now, the carrier's site has been updated to suggest the new Android 2.2 smartphone isn't expected to ship until October 22nd. There's no explanation for the smartphone's delay, but we're guessing it's a similar reason to the delay of unlocked handsets which means online retailers are having to wait until the end of the month before they get stock in.  More on the HTC Desire HD here. [vms 5e77550897e25711e1d9]

Vodafone HTC Desire HD free on preorder; due Oct 14th

Online, unlocked sales of the HTC Desire HD may be delayed until the end of this month, but that doesn't appear to be affecting Vodafone UK.  The carrier has just announced it's taking Desire HD pre-orders with delivery expected from October 14th 2010. The Vodafone HTC Desire HD is priced from free with a new, £35 24-month agreement.  Buying online gets you 900 minutes (compared to 600 offline) unlimited texts and 750MB (500MB offline) of mobile data.  Buying online will also give you 5MB of European roaming data in your bundle. More on the HTC Desire HD in our hands-on. [vms 5e77550897e25711e1d9]

Vodafone Announces Android “945” Smart Phone

Yesterday we heard that Vodafone was releasing 3 new phones, one of them the 945 is an update to it’s own 845 launched earlier this year. The phone itself is an self-branded, competitively priced, Android smartphone. Shipping with 2.1, it’s not the most up to date phone software wise but hopefully that will change.

Vodafone Terminating Galaxy S Carrier Warranty if Not on Carrier Approved Firmware

There are devices out there, like the original HTC Hero, that have both carrier branded versions, and purely unlocked models floating around. This differentiation between devices can make it somewhat troublesome for manufacturers to release official software updates to their handsets, as they not only have to deal with unlocked devices making their way around the globe, but also those carrier branded versions, which have to deal with carrier optimized software. But manufacturers, like HTC and Samsung, have figured out a way around that: simply release the updated software via your website, for the appropriate device, and let the owner update on their own.

HTC Desire for Vodafone Getting Android 2.2 in the Coming Week or So

When the Vodafone-branded HTC Desire got Android 2.1, it was blanketed with plenty of Vodafone's 360 features. So much so, in fact, that plenty of customers out there weren't happy with the update to their software version at all. Thankfully, Vodafone's one of those wireless companies that actually listen to their customers, and have answered back, and informing customers just want it means to get the Android 2.2 update. Which, for the record, is supposed to be releasing in the next seven to 10 days.

Verizon HTC Android QWERTY world-phone tipped for 2011 launch

Verizon's next HTC Android smartphone has turned up in the wild, with AndroidGuys scoring images of the QWERTY slider.  Currently unnamed, the handset is said to have a 4-inch touchscreen and a 1.2GHz processor; of course there's also a four-row keyboard for easier text entry. Interestingly, the handset is also a so-called world phone, including both CDMA and GSM radios for use on Verizon's network in the US and - going by the SIM installed in the prototype - Vodafone's network while abroad.  It's expected to launch in early 2011 and is running Android 2.2 at present, though that could change between now and commercial availability. [gallery]
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