Vodafone Germany hacked with over 2 million accounts compromised

Bad news has arrived this afternoon from the folks at Vodafone Germany. The carrier has confirmed that a hacker has stole data and account information on roughly 2 million customers. In a recent server attack in which the company says could have been an inside job, authorities are now hard at work trying to sort out all the details.

Vodafone gets thrifty with the £50 Smart Mini

Ahh, the UK. Home of quiet cottages, friendly people, lovely tea, and super good deals on smartphones. Now it seems, they have a new one to whisper about, and it comes in the form of the £50 Smart Mini, from Vodafone, set to be released later today. It's as cheap and budget friendly as they come, and surely nothing impressive, but lets take a look.

HTC M7 spotted in Vodafone and Carphone Warehouse inventory listings

HTC is expected to announce the M7 smartphone on February 19. The company has previously confirmed the event, however they have yet to say exactly what they are going to be showing off. But on that note, it seems as if some carriers and retailers are beginning to get a bit of a head start. In this case we are referring to Vodafone Germany and Carphone Warehouse, who have both apparently listed the HTC M7 in their inventory system.
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