VLC for Android now supports background playback for video

The VLC app for Android has just been updated. You'll see a few changes to VLC whether on your smartphone or tablet. Playing videos on the background is now possible while Audio Delay control has also been activated. If you use the VLC regularly, you’ll notice a new audio player look and some more Android Lollipop elements. As an open source cross-platform multimedia player, VLC is still being offered as a free app and remains as one of our favorite media players.

Leak: VLC update will (finally) have Chromecast support

It's been a long-time coming (well, 7 months, but in tech world that's forever) but it looks like your favorite jack-of-all-trades video player will finally be able to support Google's streaming dongle. If the changelog in the Git repo is to be believed, the next update to VLC will finally feature support for Chromecast, something that a lot of people are excited about, even though this was something "promised" (well, sort of) June of last year.

VLC preview app for Android TV now available

Probably one of the most popular video players on both the desktop and mobile platforms is VLC because it can play almost anything. With Android TV slowly gaining traction in the smart TV platform market (although it still has a long way to go), it isn't really surprising that the open source cross-platform multimedia player will eventually make its way there. The developers have released a preview version of the app, and despite the bugs and all, it looks pretty promising.

VLC exits beta, outs stable version

We have much love for the VLC media player – it’s an app for people working on desktops and laptops who want a media player that works with just about any media format you throw at it. It just works, and we were pretty excited when VLC wanted to bring its goods over to Android some two years ago. All that time, the VLC app for Android stayed in beta – until today, when we finally have VLC 1.0 in our hands.

VLC for Android finally available for North American users

For reasons that baffled users for almost two years, VLC for Android was available on the Google Play Store for everyone except North American residents. But finally, if you live in the United States and Canada, you can now join the rest if the world in accessing and downloading the popular free media player and play all sorts of videos with different formats.

VLC for Android to have Chromecast support soon

The developers of popular free media player VLC have revealed that the rumours are true: they are currently developing Chromecast support and it is coming soon. While they are already close to finalising the iOS and Android versions, they admit it will take a little more time to finish the support for the desktop versions.

VLC for Android updated with support for Android 4.3

Last week Google finally announced and released Android 4.3 Jelly Bean into the wild, and while there wasn't any major visual changes, they made plenty of tweaks under the hood. While everything is faster and smoother with the latest release, one of the changes has been causing issues for video players. Today VLC for Android quickly updated their app to solve those problems.

VLC beta version for Android hits Google Play

We told you a week or so back that a beta version of VLC, the cross-platform multimedia player, was coming to Android. That beta version is now officially available for download on the Google Play store. VLC is described as a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that will play most multimedia files.