Visa and Samsung partnership hopes to accelerate NFC mobile payments

NFC has plenty of uses aside from mobile payments, however that is often where the topic seems to come back to. There are several solutions such as Google Wallet and ISIS, however neither are widespread in use. Some had thought that Google would have been able to convince people that they needed to be buying things with the swipe of a smartphone, however that doesn't seem to have happened. Enter the next possibility, Samsung and Visa. These two companies have announced a new partnership in hopes to accelerate NFC-based mobile payments.

Samsung Galaxy S III is the official 2012 London Olympics phone

The awesome Samsung Galaxy S III has been named the official phone of the 2012 Summer Olympics. A special edition of the phone packing in Visa payWave NFC technology will be handed out to Visa sponsored athletes and testers for the event. The NFC tech will allow athletes and other testers to pay for things during the Olympics by scanning their smartphones.

Google Wallet to support Visa, American Express, and Discover

When Google launched Google Wallet two days ago, there were concerns on how Google had chosen to launch the NFC-based system. Today's announcement has expanded the horizon for the service. While we already heard about a few of the supported payment methods, today new details have confirmed VISA will also be added to the list.