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Ginger now integrates on its virtual keyboard

Most virtual keyboards that are now available in the market have gone beyond just giving you an alternative to your default keyboard. We've seen apps like SwiftKey, Fleksy, Swype and others offer other functionalities that can either confuse you even more or maybe make your life easier. Ginger Keyboard is another app that has been adding more features and the latest one is a partnership with popular productivity app so you can do your tasks directly on your smart keyboard.

New SwiftKey update now out of beta phase

SwiftKey has been releasing a few beta updates over the past month, teasing us as to all the possibilities when it will finally be released in its real form. Finally, the virtual keyboard has released the major update which includes a new Hub menu, free default theme, additional languages and additional Dashlane integration for your saved passwords. Plus, a lot of the new designs have been inspired from the Material Design visual guidelines that Google has been suggesting for developers.

Ginger Keyboard corrects grammar, has games, emoji art, animated GIFs

Before, the only thing that we'd require from virtual keyboards that replace our default ones is that we'd have an easier time typing out messages, posting on social networks, and creating documents on our mobile devices. But now, it seems that apps like Swype, Fleksy, SwiftKey, etc are competing on a whole other level, offering more features than just an actual keyboard. The newest one in the market is Ginger Keyboard and it offers all the usual ones, plus a few more features you can't find anywhere else.

Swype update: better number entry, two-word phrase prediction

Virtual keyboards have become as necessary to most users as any other app on their smartphone. Apps like Fleksy and SwiftKey have been adding a lot of new features that would make it easier for users to type out messages, and even include other multi-media attachments to make typing more fun. The latest one to bring an update to their app is Swype and it brings with it better ways of entering numbers and also predict two-word phrases better.

Minuum Keyboard updated with advanced character options, new numbers layout

Virtual keyboard Minuum has just received the latest update since January and after more languages, new themes, and better spacing were included. The newest version boasts of a new numbers layout, some advanced character options, and easier adding of hashtags among others. Numbers and symbols are now organized into two layers and app switching back to the letters layer once you hit enter or type a space.

Fleksy free on Android (for a week), now with GIF keyboard

GIFs, together with emoticons, have officially taken over our digital communication process. Now we can talk to friends without typing a single letter and yet we still understand each other. Late last year Fleksy became the first virtual keyboard to have a GIF extension, allowing you to insert your favorite reactions and moving images so they become part of the conversation. Now, in their latest update, they have upgraded it into a GIF keyboard, along with various other new and improved features.

SwiftKey launches Greenhouse with new Clarity Keyboard in beta

SwiftKey is looking into launching several new "experimental" projects and apps under its Greenhouse initiative. One of the first things they're launching now is a brand new, cleaner, less distracting keyboard called Clarity. And while it is still in beta version (as all Greenhouse projects will probably be), it looks promising and might be a good alternative for those who would like a no-frill virtual keyboard for their smartphones or tablets.

SwiftKey Hub now available for easier access to features, settings

It may still be in its beta phase, but it looks like SwiftKey for Android is bringing out all the bells and whistles with every update, to make you realize you need to get it as your new virtual keyboard for your smartphone. You may call it a mini make-over, as the latest version contains a new SwiftKey Hub located conveniently, and a new "sleek, modern look" that makes your smartphone look even nicer.

New HTC devices to have TouchPal as default keyboard

Starting with its brand new flagship, the HTC M9 series, all of the OEM's new devices will now have TouchPal as their default input engine. This means that they have technically replaced Swype, which has been their default keyboard for the past years, although no official communication has been made regarding this change. HTC did announce that the brand new M9 smartphone is now using TouchPal, but did not comment as to why they've made the change.
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