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Trekkies rejoice! Star Trek themes now available on Swype keyboard

Before all your Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones fandoms, one of the most die-hard group of geek fans out there are the Trekkies or those who love the Star Trek universe. And while fanboying/fangirling is now more mainstream than ever, that hasn’t doused the ardor of these fans, even though some weren’t that happy with the reboots. Another way you can aim to please Trekkies is by giving them digital bonuses, and now virtual keyboard Swype has done that very thing with their latest update.

Fleksy update: suggested emojis, deep links

When you talk to your friends on your various messaging apps, you sometimes discuss the latest single from your favorite artist or what’s happening at your favorite nightspot this weekend. You would have to leave your chat, google for the info that you want, and then go back and tell them all about it. But the latest update from virtual keyboard Fleksy lets you discover new info about your topic without having to go to a different app to find it.

Fleksy launches theme design contest for users

Fleksy has been doing a good job in keeping users engaged through various features and offers that they’ve been launching the past few months. The virtual keyboard market, while small, is incredibly competitive, and so you’d need all the marketing leverage to get a leg up on your peers. The latest thing that Fleksy has done is to launch a theme design contest so designers and users can experiment with the look of the app and get the chance to actually have it published.

Clavis Keyboard brings a PC-like experience to your Android tablet

There may be numerous keyboard apps available for Android but there's not one that can be compared with any PC keyboards. Not that there's a great need and demand for that but there are people who prefer such layout especially for tablets where they can type more on a bigger screen. Imagine a PC keyboard being used on your tablet screen but with modified hotkeys. I think this is the kind of experience the Clavis Keyboard can offer you.

Fleksy virtual keyboard will now be free forever

If you've always wanted to try out a virtual keyboard but didn't want to spend a buck (or even les than) on them, one of the more popular ones has recently announced big news. Fleksy will now be free for users on all platforms, and they promise it will be forever. Making it available for free will hopefully bring a bigger user base to the developers, and so they will be able to concentrate as well on creating more improvements and maybe additional products for that growing community.

SwiftKey adds adaptive layouts for nine more Indian languages

The team behind SwiftKey has done it again. The last one went out of beta phase back in May but the developers just announced additional adaptive layouts for nine more Indian languages. This may not matter to most SwiftKey users but those in India will appreciate that they are now allowed easier typing on the Android app for their native languages such as Manipuri, Oriya, Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Konkani, Telugu, and Assamese.

Yahoo announces Search in App, TouchPal Keyboard integration

Yahoo Search is still alive. Of course, it is. Still the biggest rival of Google Search so don't think it will ever go away. Yes, Yahoo will continue to improve search to bring everyone the best mobile search experience ever. The company has been working on new features and since February of this year, it's been teaming up with mobile developers to improve on in-app experiences for Yahoo Search.

Samsung phones vulnerable to keyboard app hack, 600M affected

If you bought a Samsung phone within the last 2 or 3 years, chances are you need Samsung to plug a vulnerability found within the pre-installed keyboard from 3rd party developer SwiftKey. With this pre-installed keyboard found in almost all Samsung devices produced between 2012 and now, the number of phones with this vulnerability is expected to be around 600 million units. Yes, it’s that bad.

Moky is World’s First Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

The keyboard has seen a lot of innovations. It's an essential part of a computer or mobile device because it allows one to input characters and symbols that execute commands. Physical QWERTY keyboards are still the standard in desktop computers and laptops but for smartphones and tablets, touchscreen keyboards rule. But in the near future, we might use invisible or virtual keyboards. Let's not forget the touchpad that is slowly replacing the poor old mouse.
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