ViewSonic ViewPad 10i tablet runs both Android and Windows

With tablets that provide both Android and Windows operating systems slowly starting to crop up, it was only a matter of time before cheaper alternative also appear. ViewSonic, who is probably either popular or notorious for such affordable devices, has just launched what is actually its second dual-booting tablet, this time powered by an Intel Celeron N2910.

ViewSonic ViewPhone 4s Hands-on

ViewSonic is making a surprisingly big showing at Mobile World Congress. Up to now they haven't made much of an impact on Android, especially on the smartphone side of things. They aim to fix that with a trio of new smartphones, one of which is the rather temptingly titled ViewPhone 4S. As you might have guessed, it's got more in common with a certain Cupertino phone than a similar name. We took a gander at ViewSonic's MWC booth to see if it could match the goose.

ViewSonic debuts a trio of dual-SIM phones

Thought you'd seen all the pre-Mobile World Congress spoilers you were going to, didn't you? Not so: the normally reserved ViewSonic has busted out with no less than three brand-new handsets, and all of them feature the newfangled dual-SIM architecture that allows a phone to connect to multiple networks and use two separate phone numbers at a time. All three are probably headed to MWC in just three short days. ViewSonic hasn't had the best of luck breaking in to the smartphone game, and they have a habit of revealing concept hardware and never putting it into mass production, so who knows when or if they'll become available.

ViewSonic mystery ViewPad G70 tablet packs ICS and a mid-range price

It didn't take long for no-name Chinese OEMs to jump on the Ice Cream Sandwich bandwagon with low-cost Android tablets, and now it looks like the trend is finally starting to trickle up. Case in point: ViewSonic's upcoming ViewPad G70, which is currently without a specification sheet or even a press photo to its name. A listing at a small electronics retailer called CostCentral is the first we've heard of it. Based on the title we can conclude that it's a 7-incher that uses a gigabyte of RAM, just 4GB of internal storage, some kind of 3G wireless radio, two cameras and - wait for it - Android 4.0.

Viewsonic ViewPad 10e tablet priced at $399 — Runs Gingerbread

We first mentioned the new ViewPad 10e back in October but since then it hasn't really seen any attention. This follow up to the original ViewPad 10 is geared for the entry level crowd -- hence the e in the title but the price doesn't look to budget friendly. Viewsonic isn't one of the major players in Android and with this new tablet, that wont be changing. The ViewPad 10e had recently been spotted on Amazon for an outrageous asking price of $399.
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