LG gives G-Slate another video outing

To be honest we'd prefer a gallery of high-resolution photos and a full spec sheet about the LG G-Slate, rather than the company's apparent marketing strategy of squeezing the upcoming Honeycomb slate into promotional videos, but in the end we'll make do with what they give us. After showing up in Korea last month, courtesy of K-Pop star Seungri, the G-Slate has now cropped up again in a MysteryGuitarMan video. The two cameras get another brief showing, this time separated with a "with Google" metal band similar to what's on the back of the Optimus 2X, along with an LED flash and a smudge of ports across the bottom. Beyond that we're left enjoying the music and puzzling the strategy. [youtube XrOGWnyaYkE] [via Engadget]

Notion Ink Eden UI ported to Viewsonic GTablet [Video]

Notion Ink's Eden UI has been ported to the Viewsonic GTablet, after the start-up released fix files containing the slate's ROM for those who had bricked their Adam. xda-developers wasted no time in bringing the three-pane interface over to the GTablet, and while it's not 100-percent stable, it's still arguably better than the UI Viewsonic opted for. Interestingly the Notion Ink team seems aware of the hacking efforts, and - at least going by the latest blog post - don't appear too upset. "XDA community, we love you!" CEO Rohan Shravan claims. [youtube uKWeVY_pOEs] [Thanks to everybody who sent this in!; image and video via roebeet]

Samsung Galaxy Ace, Fit, Gio and Mini get official [Video]

Details on Samsung's new Android smartphone range have emerged, with the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 already getting a product page on the company's Indonesian site. The handset is one of four new entry- to mid-range devices to bear the Galaxy name and run Android, alongside the Fit S5670, Gio S5660 and Mini S5570. The Ace is probably the most interesting, with Android 2.2 Froyo, dualband HSDPA, a 5-megapixel camera, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, an 800MHz processor and a 3.5-inch HVGA touchscreen display. It's available in Russia immediately, with Europe, India and China next; UK carrier Three has confirmed that it will be offering the Ace soon. As for the Fit S5670, it has a 3.31-inch QVGA display, 5-megapixel camera and a 600MHz processor; the Gio S5660 shrinks that down to a 3.2-inch HVGA display. Finally, the Mini S5570 has a 3.14-inch QVGA display and 600MHz processor. [youtube sJu-NAPeBnQ] [gallery] [Thanks Fransiscus!]

Line2 VoIP/SMS app arrives on Android [Video]

Line2 has released a version of its mobile comms app for Android, bringing the same SMS and VoIP functionality iOS users have been enjoying to Android-based phones and tablets. The app allows calls to be routed over WiFi, 3G/4G data, or cellular voice using the same number. Line2 is free for 30 days and then priced at $9.95 per month for unlimited US/Canada calls and texts; calls to international numbers start at $0.02 per minute. It's a free download in the Android Market. Press Release:
Award Winning Line2 Mobile Communication App Now on Android Line2 with Unlimited Calling and SMS Texting Now Available on Android OS San Francisco, CA — The groundbreaking Line2 app – the first and only tri-mode VoIP/Cell calling app in the world - is now available for Android phones and tablets. Toktumi, Inc., the company that developed Line2, announced today that its SMS-enabled VoIP app can now be downloaded in the Android marketplace. Line2 becomes the first VoIP app for Android to feature carrier-grade SMS texting combined with feature-rich calling functionality, allowing customers to use one number for both types of communication. Customers use Line2 to add a second line to their smartphone or turn an iPod or tablet device into a fully-featured telephone. The app allows customers to make phone calls and send texts where they don’t have cell reception, reduce their cell bills, add a second line for business use, or get another number so they can keep their personal cell number private. Many customers take advantage of Line2’s free port-in offer, which lets them move an existing number to Line2 free of charge. Line2 for Android includes all of the functionality and features that are currently available to Apple iOS users plus few Android-only features, such as the ability to speak their text messages and have them transcribed so they can text without typing. No other app offers the features and functionality of Line2. Line2’s tri-mode VoIP/cellular calling capabilities allow Android users to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data, or cellular voice networks using the same number, ensuring that calls will always get through. If Wi-Fi isn’t available, Line2 can use the phone’s 3G or 4G data network to place or receive the call. This allows callers to avoid cellular minute charges while still having complete mobility. If a reliable data connection is not available, for example while in a moving vehicle, Line2 can still place and receive calls using the phone’s cellular voice line, although with the Line2 number. The application detects the best available network based on customer preferences and places and receives calls over that network automatically. This allows customers to use one app and number for all types of calling, an industry-first. “We are so excited to bring Line2 to Android devices.” said Peter Sisson, Founder and CEO of Toktumi. “We designed Line2 for Android from a clean slate, rather than just porting over the user experience from our Apple version. We kept all the features, but we adopted UI conventions familiar to Android customers, and took advantage of some cool Android capabilities.” Line2 for Android offers full backgrounding support. This means customers can receive calls on their Line2 number even when they are running other apps, browsing the web, or listening to music. Line2 customers can be sure to never miss a call, even if they don’t have cell reception. The app’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow international travelers to place and receive calls while overseas without incurring voice or data roaming charges. When using Line2 over Wi-Fi, calls to any number back home will be free as will calls to other Line2 users, wherever they are worldwide. Calls to international numbers start at $0.02 per minute, whether calling from home or abroad. Line2’s Wi-Fi call quality is better than traditional cellular quality, and Wi-Fi calls between two Line2 customers use 16-kHz HD audio for crystal clear sound quality that is stunning to experience. Line2 is a free download that comes with 30 days of free service. After that, service costs just $9.95/month for unlimited US/Canada calling and texting. Also available for Android is Toktumi Unlimited which comes with all of the features of Line2 plus business PBX features like auto-attendant ("Press 1 for..."), call screening, caller-specific call forwarding, after-hours settings, and Mac/PC-based calling for just $14.95/month.

Sony Ericsson demo XPERIA Arc Exmor R photography prowess [Video]

Sony Ericsson has been talking more about the camera tech in the new XPERIA Arc, its 8.1-megapixel shooter capable of HD video recording. What makes the Arc special isn't the number of megapixels, though, but the back-illuminated sensor, using Sony's Exmor R tech, and its f/2.4 aperture value, which add up to improved low-light performance. We'll have to wait and see how exactly the XPERIA Arc performs in the real-world to know for sure, but the smartphone could well end up one of the best Android devices for photography. Incidentally, the HD video of the Arc below was actually shot by another Arc, so it's a useful way to see the video quality as well. [youtube 7RdNfff_-0g]

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone plays Resident Evil 2 on video

Having been spotted on numerous occasions in photosets, the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone has now turned up in a video showing gameplay in action. The footage, caught by Edge Magazine, shows the XPERIA Play branded handset playing ripped PS1 ROMs through an app called ROM Buddy. Whether or not the final product - which is tipped to be officially launched at MWC 2011 next month - will have that same functionality remains to be seen, but it's certainly proof that the PlayStation Phone's hardware is capable of running the full console (albeit aged) titles Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer. [youtube qSfpArW7Ic4] [via Engadget]

T-Mobile G-Slate by LG gets brief tease & plenty of Honeycomb videos

T-Mobile has briefly teased its G-Slate by LG at the company's CES 2011 keynote, as well as publishing a bevy of Android Honeycomb videos showing the slate in action. Announced yesterday, the G-Slate runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb and will use T-Mobile USA's HSPA+ 4G network. Full specifications are still unknown, but at least we've got some Honeycomb demos to entertain us, which you can see below. Don't forget to check out our other Honeycomb video demo, with a guided tour by Google. Overview [youtube 7fiZt6Hws0s] Books [youtube 66u7lzve1e8] Browser [youtube YU1Y62IP-b4] First-Look [youtube NHZWAE1kKzY] Overview [youtube C5LNJ9rjTlY] Gmail [youtube -i_IkO_L0zc] YouTube [youtube aLR71ONOIRc] Maps [youtube qk3wGXmtQBU]

Google demos Android Honeycomb on Motorola Xoom at CES 2011 keynote [Video]

Google has given a surprise demonstration of Android Honeycomb on Motorola's Xoom LTE tablet at the CES 2011 opening keynote. As rumored, there are no physical controls around the Xoom's bezel; instead, everything is handled by on-screen buttons in Honeycomb. That should avoid user confusion when moving from device to device, something we've seen happen on several occasions when Android smartphone manufacturers shuffle around the controls order. There's a new widgets gallery, with more detailed previews before you place them, and an impressively-fluid YouTube app for streaming video. More details over at SlashGear, and in the video below. Android 3.0 Honeycomb demo: [youtube vgmN8uKUgIg] [gallery]

LG’s Optimus 2X Tegra 2 phone gets SlashGear hands-on treatment

We've been eagerly anticipating LG's Tegra 2 powered Optimus 2X smartphone ever since we first saw it leak out, and the fact that Motorola has since announced the ATRIX 4G doesn't dampen our enthusiasm. Over at SlashGear, Vince has grabbed some hands-on time with the Optimus 2X courtesy of NVIDIA, and managed to put it through its paces and even compare the Android handset to the DROID X. First impressions of the hardware seem good, though there are still questions over how well Android 2.2 - which the Optimus 2X will launch with internationally - handles the NVIDIA dual-core processor. Check out all the details over at SlashGear. LG Optimus 2X hands-on: [vms e2df9b6c000b75b5da10]
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