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Alien Creeps TD tower defense game hits Android

Tower defense games have been around in all sorts of different iterations for a long time. If you like the genre, a tower defense game called Alien Creeps TD has received a new update on Android that fixes numerous bugs according to developers. The game has the player trying to defend the Earth from hoards of invading aliens.

Bio Inc game lets you create the ultimate disease

If you are a fan of simulation games and have ever played a game called Plague Inc and enjoyed it, you will want to check out the new game that has landed on Google Play called Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague. The goal in the game is to build the perfect disease to infect the world.

Z: Steel Soldiers reboot and T.E.C. 3001 games hit Android

If you are in the mood for new games that have robots as the main focus, we have two for you that our sister site SlashGear has reviewed recently that are available for Android devices. The first of the games is Z: Steel Soldiers and it follows a troop of robotic soldiers that are fighting to win. The game promises a new breed of robots with a taste for war and you can customize your own robotic soldiers.

Former BioWare developers working on Android game for the living room

We've talked on a few occasions about a company called Green Throttle. The company built a game controller called the Atlas designed to let you play Android video games on your TV from across the room. Green Throttle Games has now announced its first internally produced free to play game to go with that Atlas game controller.

GameStick Android gaming system shipments delayed

We've talked about the GameStick Android gaming system on a few occasions. This device is an Android-powered stick that plugs directly into your TV allowing you to play Android video games on your big-screen. The little plug-in stick is paired with a full-size video game controller.

Geomerics founder says programmers “loathe” developing games for Android

Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the world and smartphones running the operating system are some of the most popular individual devices in the smartphone market. You would think with the incredible popularity of the Android platform that game developers and software developers would be thrilled to be working on the platform. However, one Android industry developer says that isn't the case.

Agawi platform aims to bring PC games to Android devices

It doesn't really matter if you're in the PC or console camp when it comes to gaming at home, we all want more games and better games on our Android devices. A company called Agawi has announced a new platform that will allow independent PC game developers to publish their games using streaming technology for Android mobile devices. The company claims that developers will have to perform no additional effort to port their games to Android devices.