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Drone: Shadow Strike blasts onto Android

The weekend is nearly here and if you are looking for a new game to play during your downtime check out the new game that has landed recently on Google Play. The game is called Drone: Shadow Strike and it allows players to control a drone as it attacks the bad guys.

Humble Mobile Bundle 9 on sale until Oct 22

It seems like we were just talking about the last version of the Humble Mobile Bundle, and that's mostly because it has only been a couple of weeks since the last version was here. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle 9 is here and it brings with it some cool and DRM-free games for mobile Android gamers to enjoy.

MyNBA2K15 Lands for Android gamers

2K Games has returned to the mobile gaming market with its latest sports game called NBA 2K15 and its companion app called MyNBA2K15. The companion app gives gamers the ability to earn VC and stay linked to the console version of the full game at home while you are out.

Smash Rider crashes into Android

A new game called Smash Rider has landed on Google Play this week. This new game challenges players to take the wheel of several different cars in an attempt to evade the police for the longest distance possible. While running from the police, drivers of the virtual cars get to smash into other cars on the road for points.

Humble Flash Bundle offers Android games

The last time we talked about the Humble Bundle for Android, it was the mobile version of the game pack with a slew of mobile games for Android smartphones. This time out we are looking at the Humble Flash Bundle that is packed with some cool DRM-free games and can be purchased on Steam.

Tilt City updated for more ball sorting fun

Anyone who has ever played a game on Android that used tilt controls knows the frustration when the sensitivity of the tilt controls isn’t just right. If you played a game called Tilt City in the past, it has been updated recently with changes made to tilt sensitivity controls.

Alien Creeps TD tower defense game hits Android

Tower defense games have been around in all sorts of different iterations for a long time. If you like the genre, a tower defense game called Alien Creeps TD has received a new update on Android that fixes numerous bugs according to developers. The game has the player trying to defend the Earth from hoards of invading aliens.

Bio Inc game lets you create the ultimate disease

If you are a fan of simulation games and have ever played a game called Plague Inc and enjoyed it, you will want to check out the new game that has landed on Google Play called Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague. The goal in the game is to build the perfect disease to infect the world.
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